Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I've only been able to take Mattie on short walks for a few weeks now 'cause it's been way too warm here, poor kid! She loves getting out on the trails and sniffing everything (and peeing everywhere). Unlike the dog characterized in this cartoon, she's not one to stick her head out the window when we're in the car but she loves going for rides... i don't think she's a computer fan so this would not appeal to her. But it is kinda funny, no?


A couple of fun veggie quizzes, if you have a little bit of "thyme" on your hands...


"Practice quizzes" on myriad food-related subjects, including vegetarian diets from the university that graduated one of my sisters:

A good friend of mine from my younger days, Heidi, lives in Tucson, Ariz., and is a cat-rescuing, animal-loving vegan. She just pointed me over to an issue dealing with some show called "Mr. Meaty" on the cable TV network Nickelodeon. I don't watch TV but the show's premise seems quite unhealthy in many aspects ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Meaty ).

And if you are so inclined to "stop Mr. Meaty" at/on Nickelodeon ( http://www.nick.com/ ), feel free to stop by here:


And one thing i truly dread starts tomorrow:
I will, at times this summer, be asked to read and edit copy on this "sport" and it's just so depressing... the only thing worse is having to read and edit copy on fishing, hunting and rodeos. I do love journalism and i do love my career, but my job's not always easy to reconcile with my core beliefs.


amygeekgrl said...

cute cartoon! i know a cpl doggies around here who would like that. ;)

The Artist said...

Thank you so much for that beautiful song, it has really made my day. Keep on being you, you spread so much peace and love, with best wishes, The Artist

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

So Mattie is a car-ride lover!!! That is so cute, as long as they are safely inside the car, not on the back of a pickup truck, we see waaay too much of that up here. And the consequences can be grim (so my vet has told me, with what she has seen as a result). Sorry....I digress.

Hope cooler temps. are on the way. I just tried to help via a post on Veggies....

Huggs, G

Jackie said...

Great cartoon.

I know how you must feel about the hunting copy. I worked in a company where everyone was taking overseas clients trophy hunting and was so glad when I retired as it upset me so badly. I actually stuck "Real men don't hunt" and other posters on my office wall as the only way I could actually express my feelings without getting fired.

Thanks for the visit and comment :)

Freedom said...

I did the quizzes (I've got plenty of time on my hands :-) and they were fun! And I signed the petition - thanks for giving me some fun stuff to do!

Anonymous said...

Cute cartoon. I too would have a hard time editing copy regarding the horse races. Maybe you'll luck out and won't have to this year. :)

tara said...

Lol at the comic. My Cierdwyn is a car window dog. Kozmo doesn't go near the window, but he'll sniff at the air blowing in. He does like to sit in front of a fan, too.

I asked my sister years ago how she could love horses and love horse racing. It just didn't fit in my mind. This was years before I became veg*n.

Tanya Kristine said...

that is funny.

i was thinking of buying a metropolitan and making kody sit on his butt while i tie his front legs on my shoulders...woudnlt' that be hilariuos???

he'd do it too.

karen said...

I signed the petition, like we need more things to make kids think it is positive to eat meat... It is really difficult when our job conflicts with our beliefs.

I was able to make a difference once. I got our school district to promise never to do donkey basketball again as a fundraiser, in writing.

Some teachers badmouthed me to kids like I was the one with a serious problem. I told the superintendent that we have an obligation to teach our kids that animals are not to be used for entertainment. I think the treat of bad publicity from Peta was all they cared about though...