Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bee-ing kind stings sometimes

Hmmmmm... i loooooove this Bizarro!

Strange i never saw anything like this when i went to college in the 1980s. For sure a chart worth studying:


"Sorry to get in yer face but i wanted to make sure you recognize me!"

Mat sez: "Hello!! *sigh* i am still dealing with my haircut..."

Peter took time out from his running training to give Mat a big ol' hug... he's got a little bit of a scary look here but Mattie doesn't seem to mind!


The bat talk was fantastic! Peter & i spotted this license plate in the parking lot of the library where the talk was given. i learned a lot about these amazing animals and have renewed appreciation for them.

What was the coolest was the 40 or so kids who were there for the discussion... they have knowledge and with that, i hope, compassion... and that gives me such great hope!


i got stung by a bee yesterday on the ring finger of my right hand and it's blown up huge and pounding like crazy. i was trying to rescue the bee from drowning in the swimming pool at my condominium. Go figure!

Bee-lieve it or not, here's the latest buzz, honey, i'll certainly chance it again to help one of these guys out.

Oddly enough, about 2 weeks ago, i smashed the ring finger of my left hand in my closet and that finger's been huge and sore since, so you can imagine my typing isn't too great of late...

ANYway, no excuses! i apologize for not being around Blogland much! i have been thinking of my online pals and will be sure to drop by every buddy's blog this week! *HUGS*


My dad's 77th birthday is Wednesday (tomorrow) but we celebrated with brunch Sunday in Coronado at Il Fornaio, an Italian eatery that my parents like. i can't say i was looking forward to eating in a non-veg restaurant but it was a family thing so i went... with a smile.

The exceptional view from our table:

In a pleasant surprise, Il Fornaio offers a vegan minestrone soup and their homemade bread is vegan, too. Guess what i had... i took a photo but it wasn't anything particularly spectacular.

At my parents' house, things were bright & beautiful, festive & fun:
My niece, Shoshana and my nephew, Rubin.
"We are ready to par-tay!" My fam has rockin' & rollin' parties, really.

A close-up of the cake:

My sister Elyse made the cake. It was fab!

As you can see, my dad goes many titles... Len, Dad, Zaidy (grandfather in Yiddish) and Elf, for his volunteer work bringing books to those less fortunate:

Anyway, digressing back to Il Fornaio:

Me & the birthday boy.

My uncle Herb and his sister (my mom, Natalie). They have owned their own photography biz in SD for 20 years but i got to take the family photos this time 'round.

Shoshana and her parents. (My sister Elyse and Larry, who was visiting from Idaho - he got to meet Vicki's hubby Art a few weeks ago!)

Bro & sis, i love these two!


Recently took in the art at the San Diego Convention Center:


Called "Coming Together," by the late, great Niki de St. Phalle

(We like to work out over there, too! Peter is clothed, i swear.)


Bowling for the Animals update: Across from the SD Convention Center is Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. Rubin's "Bowling for the Animals" tix to the Padres game were finally used during a day game at Petco. Rubin invited my uncle Herb, my dad and i to go. YAY! Amazing seats. Never sat so close to the action! i had to leave early to get to work but it was a great game and the Padres won 11-0!

Did i have fun?

Would these feet lie to you?

Um yes, this chick used to be a card carryin' major league groupie. Never mind, that was a long time ago. i swear. Heh. This shirt says "83 - lives saved per year by going vegetarian." i figured it would be a good idea to spread the message of compassion to the Padres faithful.


Your thoughts, please, on this, a vegan butcher:
Woah. i do believe i've heard it all now.

And, at last, an honest food pyramid/guide for all of us!


One more cool site: Eat kind! :o)