Saturday, July 22, 2006

Great Scott gone Bad(water)

A vibrant vegan goin' for the win at Badwater starting Monday...

Go Scott!

Scott & his dog (I think the late Tonto):
From the Web site:

"In 2003, Scott and (his wife) Leah's dog, Tonto, passed away. Tonto had been a fixture in Scott and Leah's lives. He was Scott's main training partner and accompanied him on training runs up to 45 miles in preparation for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

'In addition to being a true companion and friend, Tonto was a teacher. He not only taught me how to travel the trail, but ultimately how to become the trail. It is only fitting that he embarked on a new journey while on a trail and during an event that has been a special part of my life.'

Tonto took another path the morning after Scott won his fifth title on June 29th, 2003. He will be missed, but never forgotten."

Play ball!
<---- Heidi & Peter at the beach in Coronado (he joined Mattie, Heidi and me late in the day Thursday).
<--- And here's a happy and cool Mattie, ears a'flappin', running around and having a blast on the sand...

Being vegetarian in Korea made easier:


Another web site of note, for those of us
with loved ones who are omni/carnivore:


funwithyourfood said...

My FAVORITE is the dog with a hat. I don't know what happens when you put animals in hats, but it increases the cuteness factor by about 35% haha


Dori said...

A happy Mattie indeed. Sad to hear about Tonto. I know that our dog, "Pup" (we are horrible pet namers, but we do love them so!) is a regular family member. When she had to have a tumor removed last year we our whole family was miserable while she was at the vet hospital.

Love Mattie's hat too!

Carrie™ said...

"How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?!" Does that date me? This was all over the TV on Saturday mornings and I begged my mom to buy some Hawaiian Punch, but she never did. She said it was just sugar water. Instead, we'd get Tang. ?? - I don't get it either.
Again, I will say...Peter's a hottie. It's so nice to see Heidi out and about and doing so well. Mattie is just a big hug waiting to happen! Such cute dogs, both of them!
Sorry I can't help you with the rabbit. The only ones I ever see are usually on the neighbour's lawn running from Simon's barks. Let us know how that works out.
Have a great weekend Kleo!

Anonymous said...

I love the ears a flappin'! So adorable. Seeing pictures of the beach sure has me homesick.

Melissa West said...

Your dog is so adorable. Love his ears through the hat! LOL!

Vegan Diva said...

You always have the cutest dog pictures!!! :)

Urban Vegan said...

RIP Tonto :( Looks like he had a wonderful life and was well loved.

Mattie is so sweet--and so is Peter.

I bookemarked the "veganmeat" site. I need it, since I live with Omniman.

Melody said...

I got all teary reading about the passing of that dog... I'm sure he will be missed so much.

LOVE the happy doggy pics.. sooo cute.

The Artist said...

Sorry to hear about Tonto, but the photo of Tonto running with his master is so special. A joy to have had those moments, best wishes, The Artist

tara said...

Oh, Heidi looks adorable! What a beautiful girl. Mattie is precious, too. :) Great pics.

That VeganMeat site is awesome. My hubby is still omni, so I could relate to it.

Neat, and sad, story about Tonto. Dogs really do teach us a great deal...if we just pay attention.

karen said...

It is nice to see Heidi out and Mattie always looks like the happiest dog ever! She always has a smile on her cute little face with those floppy ears! You are such a good mommy to her :)