Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bowling for the animals...

... chocolate & strawbs for the peeps!

I spotted the beautiful brown fountain of chocolatey goo and the luscious ripe berries right away in the conference/meeting room at the bowling alley in the city of Vista this past Sunday, part of the fun side notes during the ninth annual "Bowling for the Animals."
As i've mentioned (ad nauseum?!), this is an annual fab, fun fund-raiser for four extremely worthy animal groups...

Before we went bowling, we were offered an array of the most tantalizing vegan food, served buffet-style, and given the opportunity to peruse literally hundreds of items available via raffles. Um, i went a little crazy with the food, and then nutty trying to win some of the prizes.

How COOL it was knowing that anything and everything there was not just vegetarian but vegan. Wowza! My plate, below...

My 14-year-old nephew, Rubin, went with me. His plate:

There were over 50 groovy groups of items being raffled off!
I lost track of how many tickets i bought... trying to win some of the items you see below.

The peeps in charge asked me to pick the winning raffle tickets, so i obliged, kinda hoping i might pick one with my name on it! i looked away each time i picked, just so i wouldn't be tempted to "cheat."
Ha! Like i would cheat! Not! Really, how would it have looked if i did pick my name, anyway?
The following two photos were taken by a woman at the event (link to all of her photos is at the end of this post).
My nephew, who bought a bunch of raffle tix won! Four Padres ducats, two baseball caps, a big bag o'peanuts and a magnet in a nice basket! Here's hoping he takes me to that game. Hee hee.

Oh yeah, about the bowling...
This is me below - Rubin's still learning the digital camera thing!

A bit better, Rubin, way to go! I had about 10 people sponsor me, and i was able to contribute a little bit to the cause... no matter what we all bowled (i had a 79 then 134), it was the animals who won!
More photos here, if anyone wants to see more of the event:
Unfortunately, i have a killer cold right now, but will be visiting everyone soon!
Hope you all have a great week/end!!