Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Food Fibers

(I am a huge fan of Foo Fighters by the way!)

A few days ago i picked up a can of "Breeder's Choice" AvoDerm Vegetarian Dog Food:
in hopes that Mattie will eat that instead of the wet ALPO and other meat-based food to go along with her Royal Canin Vegetarian kibble.

While i don't think all dogs should necessarily eat vegetarian, because Mattie has tested high for cholesterol, i feed her as much veg stuff as i can as i think this will be better for her health... Now to see if she'll actually eat it!

And i also have not yet used the can of Evanger's Super Premium Canine/Feline Vegetarian Dinner that i brought back a couple months ago from Chicago:

They also make kosher dog food, which i brought a can back for Peter, tho he's neither Jewish nor does he keep kosher, but just because i found it interesting, to give to Heidi:


I got a press release this morning about this:
It reads thusly:

GOLDEN, Colo. – More people are treating their dogs like babies today. So, it’s only natural that someone has come out with a canine pacifier. The Kong Company, maker of the world famous Kong toy, has introduced the Puppy Kong Binkie. Shaped like a human pacifier, it’s sure to get four footed babies off to a good start in life.

The Puppy Kong Binkie is made from the exclusive Puppy Kong Rubber formula. Perfect for teething puppies, the Puppy Kong Binkie will sooth sore gums and encourage proper chewing habits. Most of all, the bouncy Puppy Kong Binkie is pure fun.

Puppy Kong Binkies are available in two sizes, small and medium, and are available in blue and pink.

The suggested retail price of the small Puppy Kong Binkie is $5.99-$6.99 and the suggested retail price of the medium Puppy Kong Binkie is $7.99-$8.99.

For more information, visit

That's just way too much PR fluff for me to handle at the moment... But how about the photo of the beagle with the pacifier in his mouth? The expression on his face... the embarrassment of this all! That's just hilarious to look at; it's cracking me up.


tara said...

Oh, I love it! A puppy pacifier. Kozmo would have been all over it. Heck, he still would. It is a teething Kong that he still loves to pieces after all. Cierdwyn would probably just eat it. ;)

I'm trying to get my dogs healthier food, I'm just not sure what to get them. We use Purina right now. The problem we run into is we have BIG dogs, and some of the dry foods have tiny kibble that my dogs inhale, which is not healthy. Do you have any recommendations?

Aarwenn said...

Hi tara,

I also use Royal Canin, as Kleo does--although I didn't know we used the same brand until right this moment--and I love it. I use the German Shepherd fomula, and it's great; Titan didn't need any coaxing at all. And it has REALLY made a difference in his health! No more tummy upsets, diarrhea, or eating poop! It's expensive, but it is also more filling; I feed Titan less than the recommended size for his body weight and he sometimes has trouble eating it all. So you might recoup some of the cost that way. (Note: Titan is about 70 lbs.)

Tanya Kristine said...

very cute. i had a kong for kody but, of coruse, it's gone. they are DAMN expensive too but everytime i'm ready to give in and buy him one, the size i want is sold out.


kody is on avoderm's veggie food and innova for large breeds. i USE to buy 2 bags of innova a month then i decided i'd do one bag of that and one bag of veggie food so i felt a little better. and then for treats he only gets vegan snacks. end of story.

course he eats paper so i don't think he's complaining...

orangina said...

That's great that you feed your dog such good food :) I splurge on my cats, too, with a brand of food called "Eagle Pack" ( It's meat-based, but as far as I can tell, more conscientious than a lot of other companies. One of my cats LOVES to eat greens and insists that I give him a few leaves whenever I'm making a salad or smoothie! I think it's worth it to spend the money on high quality food for pets. I've resorted to other brands occasionally (for financial reasons) and I always feel guilty when it happens--like I'm feeding my cats Doritos or something.

Melody said...

lol.. that cracks me up.. I'm certain I would have bought it for my dog when she was little... oy..

I almost bought a dog snugli (even though my dog would NOT have tolerated it... )

Urban Vegan said...

In this case, I think the pacifier is more for the humans than the pups.

Case in point:,I'm 41, don't have kids and it doesn't look like I will at this point, so I do tend to baby my Bossa Nova. She's lucky she's not running around in diapers.

Vicki said...

I have several 40+ friends who aren't planning on kids -- some are even reluctant to get a dog. Puppy pacifier...that's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how Mattie likes the Breeder's Choice. Please keep me posted.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

hey Kleo, how u doin? hows life? hows work? everything alrite on my end..

karen said...

Penny loves kong stuff! The pacifier is really cute. My dog eats human grade dog kibble from flint river ranch.
With good quality food, they do eat less and they poop very little.

She used to love the wet canned food, but I can't stomach buying or feeding it to her, let me know how you like this stuff. I buyher adult gravy with glucosamine to add to it. It comes in the aseptic cardbard containers, just like soymilk.

Vegan Diva said...

The doggie pacifier is hilarious. Who would think such a thing existed?

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

The doggie does not look impressed...Is there any end in sight to some of the crazy product ideas showing up???? I just wish I had thought of the pet rock first LOL...great way to make a bundle and an unlimited supply of raw materials...

Huggs, G

Jody from VegChic said...

That is funny. Tommy my cockatoo has a Kong toy. Most of the time she ignores it, but it looks like the pacifier minus the loop.

Brilliant marketing by that Kong company. They change the color and add a loop and now it is a dog toy.


Jody from VegChic said...

Doh, I guess you need to click products.

Then there is a link for dogs, cats, and other pets. They even have a ferret Kong

BTW - I hate Flash sites, because you can never link right to them.

Hoya Salamui said...

It's so cute. I guess you need to click products.