Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chow thyme or Ciao time?

I love hearing and reading about vegan and vegetarian restaurants... It brings me joy to know they are out there, spreading the word about vegetarian food and showing the variety that is available.

Don't you love it when someone says, "Yer a vegetarian? That must suck! What can you eat?!"
It's like, y'know, "Hello! What can't i eat?! Just not animals. There is so much to eat!!"

I always look forward to reading other blogs that talk about restaurants that are strictly vegan or vegetarian or restaurants that offer veg*n choices/options...

I would love to read comments about your fave local restaurant(s)... where you go, why you go, what they serve, the types of clientele you see...

I have posted about some of my faves (mostly in SoCal but also throughout California and Chicagoland as well) on this blog in the past.

Tomorrow i have a lunch meeting with one of my fave editors at SIPZ, which might just be the best vegan restaurant in San Diego!!

This cartoon gives proverbial food for thought, no?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Extreme" veg, Go Moby! & Badwater gone good

Not quite certain what to make of the link below.

I'm not Indian and i often think i am shorting out on the dendrite/synapse/electrial impulse thing supposedly goin' on in my brain. This time, i dunno... maybe i'm just very ignorant about the eating habits of others...

If you can, check this out. Maybe you can clear something up for me!

And so my question, based on the article linked to above:
Do "extreme" vegetarians not eat green salad??!!


"I'm a vegan because I love animals."

Thank you, Moby!!


Vegan Scott Jurek works it all out at Badwater Ultramarathon:

Go Scott!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

The look of love

Water-eschewing Mattie wishes everybuddy a wonderful, winsome week.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Water dog

At left we have Mattie, quite possibly the only spaniel on Earth who loathes getting wet, who could hardly wait to cool off in a watering hole at our condo complex. This was after an hour's hike along nearby trails in atypical steamy San Diego weather. At right, she sits high and mighty, pausing for a break halfway through our romp.

For an upcoming story i am working on, i attended a "24-hour Relay for Life" yesterday and today. The race consisted of teams of people walking around a college track to raise money for cancer research. (And i hope not testing on animals, but that's another whole story.)

It was a little difficult to interview the team i covered, a group of teen-agers and their parents. They were walking for the sister of a girl on a local high school field hockey team who passed away after a 5-year-battle with cancer this past February. The girl who died was only 12.

Sometimes i wonder if i'm strong enough to write stories like this because they are so emotionally draining... but awareness of things like this is important, and that's one reason why i chose journalism...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wyl(an)d, Wyl(an)d West


Oy. The San Diego Fair doesn't have a whole lot of options for vegetarians, save way overpriced corn on the cob and the occasional side salad served at places that I would never frequent (read: they cook animals).

So I brought some munchies with me... but I decided to break down and purchase kettle corn, which I am curious if any of you have had... Addictive!

I shared a huge bag of kettle corn Thursday with my pal Peter and an even larger bag Friday with my mom.

Now I am so burnt out on it. However, I am not going to say "I'll never eat that stuff again!" I know myself better than that. I found a recipe for it if anyone wants to give it a go. I am sure I shall... but not for a while!

Kettle Corn


1/4 cup corn oil
1/4 cup popcorn
1/4 cup sugar


Use a big pot with a lid and pour in enough oil to have about an 1/8-inch covering the bottom. Don't use too much oil. Too much oil will sog the popped popcorn. Dump in enough popcorn to make a single layer in the pot. Heat the pot on medium high.

When you see the corn start to move, but before it starts to pop, pour in the sugar quickly and as evenly as you can across the top.

Cover and shake back and forth to pop. When you pull it off the fire, take the popcorn out of the pot, put it in a bowl and lightly salt it.


At the Fair on Friday, my patient, brilliant and sweet mom insisted on buying me this beautiful blue-with-colourful-fish sundress by Wyland, the ocean/environment activist and artist ( ). He has been at the fair working on one of his "Whaling Walls" and was in an indoor area yesterday painting up a storm and shmoozing with the peeps who come to watch him do his thing.

He signed a yellow fish on the dress for me. Yeah! I enjoyed watching him interact with his "fans" as he was exceptionally patient with each and every one. Surprisingly down-to-earth.

While he painted, Wyland was listening to the band HEART on a CD player. Ann and Nancy Wilson and their band were at the Fair on Thursday (which is why Peter and i went) and he had gone to the show as well. We both noted how fabulous the sisters sounded after all these years!

Wyland was so "one of us." Strange to me that he's not a vegetarian... unless he is and no one knows. I should've asked, i guess!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Life is good

Seen at the San Diego Fair (i snuck in again, Thursday with Peter, and again Friday with my mother!), this photo taken by a high school student.

I can't get over the "sad old man" look on the kid's face - especially given (the irony of) the hat's message. He appears so pensive, so contemplative, and probably all of 2 years of age.

Sometimes when people ask, "How are you?" do you not say "Fine" or "Fantastic!" even when things are not necessarily fine nor fantastic?

I love the expression the photographer captured here...

Even in dark, rough, shaky, anxiety-filled times, even with moments that test everything we've got in our souls and spirit, and even through events both traumatic and tragic... life is good.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Veg bods from a broad, i mean abroad!

Ummmm... hello!

Not quite sure what the above Web site link says because i am unfamiliar with the language used, but i get the distinct impression that trio from Helsinki is vegan...

I've never been one for oogling dudes (OK, not much) but i do find the physical bodies of both humans and animals, male and female, interesting, to say the least.

I have had my ups and downs in the weight world. I was a heavy child who struggled with anorexia nervosa as a 15- and 16-year-old, with, at one time, 85 lbs. on my 5-foot-6 frame. I also was quite a bit "overweight" for a while in my 30s after a series of health issues.

Now at 40 i have finally found peace with my body. I wish that for everyone. Bet the above guys do, too! Anyone know Finnish?


To all you kindred spirits who take time to read and comment on my blog:
Many sincere thanks.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I find books at work from time to time and last night I found this---->

Do you not love the cover?!

I checked out some of Ms. Piccolo's stuff at this Web site:

She's got quite the sense of humor, to be sure...


My oldest sister was in the hospital this past weekend... in a nutshell, not taking good care of herself, she had to get a blood transfusion. She's gonna be OK, we are hopeful, but it was yet another blow to an already difficult month in my crazy world! "itsalwayssomething" (that's a Rick Springfield tune from the CD "Karma" by the way). And i am so not a groupie. OK, OK, so maybe i am. (Or was.)

So Father's Day for my dad will wait for when my sister's back to 100 percent.

I spent some of the day with Peter and his parents, celebrating Father's Day at my fave (and his mom's fave) restaurant "SIPZ" and where i had this great vegan chow mein with "ham" that was outrageously tasty. Here's a photo our waiter took when we were finished:

Monday, June 19, 2006

On the Road

A few years ago, I started reading the book by Jack Kerouac, "On the Road." I've since lent it to a friend. I really liked the book, especially with all its quirkiness (writers are a quirky bunch, and i certainly include myself there). Not quite sure why I didn't get through it all. Maybe another time.

Anyway... today I came across this link:
and this link:

regarding this book:

Sounds like it might be good.

I'm thinkin' it's just covering the USA.
I would hope it includes Canada, but...

Evidently, it's an
updated version of
this book written in
1998 by someone else:

(which i never knew existed...)

But it certainly does make me wonder:
Why didn't i think of that?!

And i call myself a writer!

And courtesy of Super Vegan, from Compassion over Killing,
I want to share, as they do, how to eat vegan on a budget!
Or, in other words, how to eat well and stay veganized, for
peeps w/out a lotta extra ca$h (ummm... like for poor starving
writers such as myself... but i hope not including YOU!):


Finally, did anyone watch MTV videos "back in the day"?
Well, I did! Here's a cool trip down memory lane...

and more (some are the same) here:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comic relief

I don't read 'em as much as I used to, but sometimes they're right on.
Above is an old Dilbert 'toon I found recently that I thought I'd share...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

i don't TRY to be open-minded, i AM

Thanks to VeganDoc, i found out about Wegmans "super"market and their cruel chicken/egg situation with battery cages and the horrific treatment of these beautiful creatures & their eggs. We don't have any Wegmans in San Diego but i felt compelled to speak out.

A few weeks back i signed a petition regarding this company's lack of compassion, and got this obviously canned and unbelievably insulting response this past Wednesday (*rolling my eyes*):

"We received your comments about our egg farm, and it's clear that you feel strongly about this issue. Our customers and employees know we are always willing to look at doing things better or differently.

"We are not close-minded and are willing to look at the implications of cage-free production. If there is a significant shift inconsumer demand, we'd give serious consideration to some cage-free production, provided it was the right thing for the health of the animals and for the employees at the farm.

"Our sales of cage-free eggs have risen slightly over the past year, but the volume is still very small. Your communication specifically mentioned two specialty food stores that have switched to cage-free eggs only.

"Wegmans is a full-service supermarket, not a specialty food store. Price is important to our customers. They value eggs as an inexpensive source of high quality protein and expect to find them at an affordable price. Some simply can't afford to pay more. We don't believe it's right to force all our customers to pay more than double the price for a dozen eggs just because a few people think we should.

"To sum it up: We are proud of our egg farm. The wegmanscruelty film paints a false picture of conditions at our farm. There's no way to prove it, but we believe some of the images did not come from our farm or may have been staged. We do not abuse animals, but rather, we use animals to produce food. And, we offer customers the choice of eggs produced by cage-free hens.

"If you have not read the complete statement and Q&A on our web site, you may be interested in doing so:

"We try to be open-minded; we hope you are, too."


OK, whatever. I won't apologize for not buying into that letter... That last line (italics mine) really put me out and put me off. That was pretty nonsensical on their part. Anyway, as VeganDoc did, i also encourage anyone and everyone concerned to voice their opinion as well, especially since today in my e-mail there was an note from the proactive UR-VEG peeps at the University of Rochester and it seems as though the "fight" (i don't like that word but i'm at a loss at the moment for a better description) is still on:

Greetings from UR-VEG at the University of Rochester. Sometime during the past nine months you signed our petition asking Danny Wegman to phase out the cruel "battery" cages used on his 700,000-hen egg farm in Wolcott, New York.

Thank you so much for adding your voice! Over 2,600 other caring people have signed so far, and the number is steadily rising.

Your signature was in the latest batch of petitions delivered to Danny Wegman, and you may have received a stock reply with Wegmans' excuses for why they won't follow the lead of other national grocery chains. If you're interested, we've addressed those claims here:

Finally, we encourage you to contact Wegmans directly; let Danny Wegman know that he can't make the issue of animal cruelty go away by ignoring it. Thank you again for caring!

Contact information for Wegmans:

* Post:
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
1500 Brooks Avenue
PO Box 30844
Rochester, NY 14603-0844

* Phone: 1-800-WEGMANS, ext. 4760

* Web:

* Email:
General comments:
Jo Natale, Consumer Affairs
Jeanne Colleluori, Consumer Affairs
Danny Wegman, CEO


I'm waiting for not just Wegmans, not just Whole Foods, but for the world to become kinder, to be compassionate. Maybe i'm just an idealistic, pie-in-the-sky dreaming, hyper-fantasizing ol' Pisces fool but still i wait, i wait...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wow! Shocker! Thank you, Whole Foods

Whole Foods halts sales of live lobsters

Supermarket chain reaches decision after learning that animals were placed in storage facilities for months at a time; will also stop selling soft-shelled crab

NEW YORK ( - Organic supermarket chain Whole Foods announced Friday it will stop selling live lobsters effectively immediately, citing the inhumane treatment of the animals.

"We are not yet sufficiently satisfied that the process of selling live lobsters is in line with our commitment to humane treatment and quality of life for animals," Margaret Wittenberg, vice president of quality standards for Whole Foods Market, said in a prepared statement.

The company reached the decision to stop the sale of the crustacean after conducting a seven-month review into its lobster procurement process, learning that in many instances the animals were held in storage facilities for several months at a time.

Whole Foods also announced that it would also halt the sale of live soft-shelled crab.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Groupie? Who, me?

Not bad for an old guy... if we could only
get him back to bein' a vegetarian again!


File this under: "Life in the good ol' USA."

In a proverbial nutshell:


Armed police stormed a community garden in South Central Los Angeles this week, arresting 25 people including actress Daryl Hannah.

The 14 acre plot of land, tended by over 350 neighborhood fruit and vegetable farmers for a decade, is the largest urban community garden in the country, and a symbol of hope for the embattled South Central neighborhood.

Although the highly successful garden provides affordable, mostly organic food for low-income residents in this economically depressed area, a ten-year ownership dispute over the land has led to a dramatic standoff between neighborhood residents and the powerful real estate lobby of Los Angeles.

Despite massive public opposition, multi-millionaire real estate developer Ralph Horowitz obtained a court order to pave over the community garden and replace it with an industrial warehouse. After back-tracking on a proposal to sell the 14 acre plot to neighborhood residents for $16 million, Horowitz called in the police and bulldozers to clear the property of inhabitants.

Neighborhood farmers and residents, along with the L.A. organic community, have vowed to keep up the struggle and save the community garden.


Anyone going to be in San Francisco at the end of September/early October?
I am thinking of going to this:


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ears to you!

So the Matster really likes these "Better Than Ears" ---> which purports to be "The Pig Ear Alternative Premium Dog Treats." Peanut Butter flavor... not vegan because of the dried cheese powder (probably not even vegetarian because of the rennet used to make the cheese).

I have tried to get her to enjoy Buddy Biscuits and Mr. Pugsley's and Mr. Barkley's (vegetarian) to no avail... she's kinda picky...

Ummmm... some of y'all know, this pisces chick here's been having some troubles of a personal nature but i've been doing my best to deal and take care of me, myself 'n' i. Thanks for all the support. I feel it... I am doing what i can to stay busy, occupied, out of trouble, and far, far out of sadness's way!

As a part of distracting myself, Tuesday evening i went to the "San Diego Fair," of which i used to be a huge fan. Now, unfortunate but true, i take issue with that scene because of animals there... mostly doing the unthinkable and heartbreaking-est stuff... "living" in makeshift pens, the local urban 4-H'ers having "raised" them to sell them... plus the pathetic "pony rides" where they just go in circles all day and night... and it's held at the Del Mar Racetrack- and horse racing is one of my pet peeves (no pun intended!) and there's "meat" sold, and goldfish given as "prizes"... all the problems associated with fairs and animals, etc. Depressing.

However, i was able to sneak into the fair (who said i was a saint?! HA!), therefore not aiding financially the fair :o) so that was kind of bad (illegal) but good in a sense of showing my non-support of what they do there.

Truth be known, I went to go hear Rick Springfield in concert. Yes, he's still touring after all these years, with some talented musicians and his cute wife, Barb, and sometimes their two sons and his dog, Gomer. (He's always been a huge dog lover, one of the reasons i dig him.)

Well, the deal is this: I used to be a huge fan, and no, not when he was in his "General Hospital" heyday of the 1980s (and I hear he's back on that soap opera again now!). I was a regular concert-goer for RS about six, seven years ago when his really nifty CD called "Karma" came out. It's one of his best...

*OK, you really can stop laughing now!*

Ol' Ricky was teetering on vegetarianism at that time as i recall, though i think he's no longer veg (bummer). He did date Linda Blair for a time years and years ago, however, and she's currently quite the wonderful animal activist...

Awww... reunited a few years back!

Of course, Murphy's Law again, my digital camera ran out of juice so i have no photographs to show for the night, but a friend e-mailed me some and i'll post 'em as soon as i can. I'm sure you're all dying to see them. (Now i'm laughing!)

I did have my cell phone and was able to call and have two far-away pals listen to the concert, which was not quite as good as having them there with me but very fun just the same.

The concert was fantastic... I'll spare you all the details, but it was much more than "Jessie's Girl." Rick and his band do a bang-up job singing a version of the old and beautiful 1980s tune by The Dream Academy, "Life in a Northern Town" and also it was fun hearing a new song of his, "Jesus Saves (White Trash)."

I also snuck backstage with some of the "groupies" (believe it, he's like 55 years old and still looks gorgeous - and does "get the girls") and i was able to say hello and talk a little bit and get a nice big ol' hug from him. I have met him several times (again, like seven years ago) but you can be sure he doesn't know who the heck i am...

I can't tell you how much fun it was in words but i can tell you how desperately i needed to kinda cut loose. And i did i did i did i did i did i did...

Also was entertained by a hypnotism show there by my buddy, hypnotist and all-around good guy Mark Yuzuik which was fantastic. I got a chance to talk to him before his show and get caught up on things in his world, and that was fabulous.

Funny (?!), neither he nor Rick mentioned the shirt i wore (on purpose) to the fair:

"Vegetarians taste better"

Heh. Gotta promote the cause, kids!

After writing two stories all day today, i went and saw a movie with a friend of mine tonight, "The Break Up" with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

Heh. Ironic title for the moment...
Anyway it was a mighty good flick!!
I recommend it, to be sure.

After the movie, we grabbed grub at an Asian restaurant called "San Sei." I ordered Vegetarian Rolls, which are actually vegan, and a side order of steamed, salted edamame. Yum.

And to all a good night, good day, good week, good month, good year...

Monday, June 12, 2006


So funny and true I have to share with you all!!

Hello, intrepid visitor. Have you ever heard anyone claim that he had a special acumen for detecting others within a certain culture in society just by viewing or briefly interacting with them? For example, many of us have heard of "gaydar", a play on the word radar, which refers to an intuitive ability to know without asking if someone else is a homosexual.

The same applies to vegans. There are visual, behavioral and social cues that, if observed with sensitivity and mindfulness, can be an indication of another's vegan status. Keep in mind that none of these predictors individually means anything, but when added together, they become quite a bit more substantial. Over time, you might refine your detection skills so well, you'll be able to walk into a crowded room, sniff once or twice, narrow your eyes a bit, and eerily pronounce, There's a vegan in my midst. Your friends will be amazed by your party trick!

So whether you're a vegan looking for a sympathetic soul to commiserate with at the office Christmas party or you're just looking for a few dairy-free recipes, print this checklist out and carry it with you. You never know when it might come in handy.

Does the individual in question have a copious amount of cat or dog fur sticking to his or her clothes at all times, even though she may not necessarily appear to be otherwise unkempt?

Yes No

If you are in the grocery store, do you observe this person scrutinizing ingredient lists with the focus of a scholar translating an ancient Babylonian text?

Yes No

At a restaurant, does this individual quiz the waitstaff for 10 minutes before placing an order for the steamed vegetable plate?

Yes No

Does this person look like she'd rather go naked than wear fur?

Yes No

Does this individual have a tendency to wear entirely black ensembles, or, conversely, loose hemp clothing hand-stitched by a feminist anarchist eco-collective out of Portland?

Yes No

If this person drinks coffee, is it an organic, shade-grown variety? If anything is added, is it soy milk and unbleached sugar?

Yes No

Has this person ever been overheard openly dreading and reflexively gagging at the thought of Thanksgiving dinner with the family?

Yes No

If this person is a co-worker, does he take a long lunch out of the office and return grumbling about how 50 people accused him of wearing leather shoes on the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Fur Free Friday?

Yes No

If not already residing there, has this person expressed a desire to move to San Francisco, Seattle, Eugene or Santa Fe? (If already dwelling there, also check Yes.)

Yes No

Does this person consult a small book, likely with a depiction of a rabbit on the cover, whenever purchasing personal hygiene products?

Yes No

If the individual in question is a co-worker, does she often bring a lunch that includes a mysterious springy white substance, often in cube form?

Yes No

Does this person get way too excited to hear that the convenience store nearby is now stocking Tofutti Cuties?

Yes No

If this person is approached by someone asking for sponsorship in the annual March of Dimes fundraiser, does she whip out a pamphlet and launch into a diatribe about the futility and cruelty of vivisection?

Yes No

Has this individual been overheard telling the person behind the counter at the juice bar to hold the yogurt, whey powder and/or bee pollen?

Yes No

Announce that you've discovered a new meltable, delicious cheese substitute without casein and observe the reaction. Does the person in question vacillate between wide-eyed hopefulness and wary skepticism?

Yes No

When shoe shopping, can this individual be observed scrutinizing the shoes for a 100% man-made materials stamp?

Yes No

Has this person ever been overheard in conversation lamenting, "Yeah, she's cute, but she's just a vegetarian."?

Yes No

Does a trail of "Meat is Murder" stickers seem to suddenly appear on the glass of the butcher counter at the grocery store when this individual passes by?

Yes No

Now tally up your Yes checks, and give yourself a point for every one. If you answered in the affirmative to the final question, add five more points.

1 - 7: It's a distinct possibility that this person is a vegan, but not absolutely conclusive. More detective work is needed.

8 - 14: Your vegan radar should be buzzing like mad. I think you're on to something, Sherlock!

15 - 21: Bingo, my friend! Break out the Soy Delicious and tofu whipped creme - you've struck gold

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vegan reasoning

Not how i feel but interesting...

Good videos here:

Truly amazing photographs of nature here:
I love the Jumping Lamb! The joy! The sheer joy!!
The two Elephant Orphans pix are also wonderful.

*sigh* I'm tired tonight... but I have one story to share.

Earlier today, i stopped along one of our myriad freeways to help a woman and her Bedlington Terrier (the dog that looks like a lamb, so cute!) get help for a flat tire.

Bravely (foolishly -- but there was no other choice for them!) they were walking against traffic in a little dirt path right next to the freeway. Totally scary. And it was super hot out.

She hadn't brought her cell phone with her on this trip ("Murphy's Law" for sure!).

Normally i don't pull off the road for people on the freeway because of the "stories" we've all been warned about, but i was really glad i did.

The woman was grateful beyond belief and i gave the BT, named "Ben" some water in a Frisbee i had in the back of my car!

But the event got me pondering stuff and wondering what the heck happened in this world - and WHEN - that peeps had to start thinking twice about helping others in need...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

If i only had a brain...

I am part of this study being done by a university dealing with taste perception and recognition (better me than an animal!!) and one of the peeps working with the doctor on this study just sent me some scans of my brain from the MRI which I had done in late April of this year. It's so weird to see these...

Here's a Web site that appears full o'interesting nooz:

Friday, June 09, 2006

i *heart* Farm Sanctuary & API

Jeremiah the blind goose's new lease on life, truly a wonderful tale and such a happy "ending" (or rather, beginning!) at Farm Sanctuary !!! --->

<---- I'm thinkin' of getting some of these cards from them...

And I'm gonna try to remember to use "Good Search" with places like Farm Sanctuary in mind when searching for stuff on the 'net:

Today's "charity of the day" there is Animal Protection Institute, another fantastic, caring place...


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anyone traveling this summer? Do you find places that are veg-friendly before you go or do you just hope for the best? I have always done a little of both... nice to be surprised but best to be prepared!

Last summer, my pal Peter and I went to a bunch o'places up and down the coast of California. We stopped off in Santa Cruz and we chowed down at Saturn Cafe... The Web site is supposedly being worked on, so hope soon it will be up and running.

It was such a fun and freeing place to eat. Tons of vegan options, lots of good people-watching opportunities, a super cool working staff. And dare i say the food was incredible. And it had such a healthy, happy vibe. Any buddy else been there? I want to go back this summer!!!

We were joined by two sweet aliens, too:

Thursday, June 08, 2006

da kids

<---- Mattie 'n' Heidi resting after meandering about and around a dog park near Balboa Park in San Diego last week. Mat's still a little groggy from her teeth scrape but she's already busy gettin' back that voracious appetite! She eats Royal Canin Vegetarian Dog Food but I can only give her a few bites tonight. She is not happy!! Lock your cupboards and refrigerators!

Harmonia's new veg forum "Veggin' Out," is tres fantastique, hope to see peeps there, here--->

One mo' reason to go all the way vegan

Goodness gracious, what on earth/sea is next?


Mat hit the trails earlier this week -->
Today she gets plaque/teeth scraping. Poor kid!

We are currently & will continue to be dogsitting on this lovely Thursday for her best pal, Heidi the yellow Labrador, so it's not all bad...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Teddy tagged me!!

My 4 Things List:

4 jobs I've held

Food preparation at a hospital for eating/alcohol-drug disorders
Writer/editor for noozpapers 'n' magazines
Florist (floral arranging, delivery, etc.)

4 movies I like

Nothing In Common
You Can Count on Me
(and anything with Christopher Walken in it)

4 places I've lived

Skokie, Illinois
San Diego, California
Ocean Beach, California
La Mesa, California

4 TV shows I like

i have a TV but it gets no reception; 'tis for DVD use only
BUT my old all-time faves are:

The White Shadow
21 Jump Street
my so-called life
The Brady Bunch

4 places I have visited on vacation

London, England
almost everywhere coastal in CA, OR and WA
Zion National Park (Utah)
Grand Canyon (Ariz.)

4 blogs I visit every day

Almost every single one that are on my blog here, above left!
The Impulsive Buy -
Dogblog -
Metafilter -

4 special treats, just for ME!

Good health & happiness for my loved ones (including Mattie)
Any of the great veg food all my bloggin' buddies make!
Ice (i love to chew it... my dentist & some co-workers aren't so fond of that habit o'mine)
Free gasoline (so i can travel more)

the 1 place I'd rather be right now

<----- There w/my pal Peter... in the fabulous city of Pacific Grove, California, right next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium... ************************************************************

Thanks, Teddy!!!

And thanx to all of you for cheering me up. I'm not back 100 percent but I am en route. Sometimes my job puts me in touch with some difficult stories, some people who are struggling mightily, and this/they affect me emotionally and touch parts of my spirit, many deeply and some more painfully than others...

Friday, June 02, 2006


... all my troubles seemed so far away...

I really do think Paul McCartney's one of the finest human beings on this planet.

Believe it or not, I ran into (literally, almost) Paul McCartney in London when I visited my sister, who lives there, back in February of 1998.

It seemed that for hours I was in Harrods ( ), a huge store, with my mom and several of my nieces and nephews. I got "cabin fever" and had to get out of there for a while!

So I left one of the myriad doors and walked out and as I started walking down the street, I saw someone get out of a car that had stopped in the middle of the street I was walking on. It was none other than Paul. Then it was Paul approaching; he was headed into Harrods! (This was just a few months before his lovely wife, Linda, would pass away.)

I was flabbergasted, shocked, surprised, stunned... you name it, I was "bloody" astounded! He walked right by me and my mouth was agape. What did I do? I turned and watched him walk right by.

At the corner, which was near where he passed me, there were people standing there watching him as well.

I said to no one in particular and everyone in general: "WAS THAT PAUL McCARTNEY?!!"

Someone said, "Yes, it sure was." Like it happened every day or something...

His birthday is June 18. Hope it's happy, tho Heather-less...

If you haven't read his excellent interview with VIVA! from 1998 (what is it about that YEAR?), here it is in parts I and II:


I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, here or anywhere for tht matter.
Goin' thru some difficult personal icky "stuff" right now, and busy writing for work as well.

Thanks to all my bloggin' friends for "bein' there" for me. *HUGS*