Saturday, July 15, 2006

Torrey pines

This past week i spent four days roaming several golf courses to cover a sports event. One of the sites was the Torrey Pines Golf Course, which boasts breathtaking ocean views, hawks and rabbits, butterflies and snakes, et cetera. But i also *heart* the magnificent Torrey pines. I snapped this photograph while out on the TP course, in between some par-4 and par-5 holes. Truly stunning.

Looks as though in all my busy-ness, somehow, some way during the past week, i missed being aware of a bare-ly noticed local story:


Peter's dad lookin' spiffy at age 86, with Mattie --->
circa Independence Day in the U.S.A., in front of the family home. I see this photo and suddenly John Mellencamp's "Ain't that America?" goes through the synapses and dendrites...

By the way, Heidi is doing MUCH better. Thank you all for caring and sharing your thoughts and prayers. As i have been, Peter as well is totally touched by the outpouring of love and good thoughts from the blogging world/my friends!

*HUGS* and hope the weekend is wonderful for you...


Carrie™ said...

What an adorable photo of Mattie and Peter's Dad. He looks very spry for 86! And I love that song - "little pink houses for you and me" - Now I'll have that going through my head all day. That's OK, usually it's a song I hate and every time I start to sing it, it pisses me off because I hate it so much. (Shania Twain anyone?)
I didn't hear about the playboy bunny protesting either. I get e-mails from PETA and I'm surprised they didn't send this out. I could never do that. If anyone saw me naked, they'd put me out to pasture. Things aren't looking so hot when you're over 40. :o) HA!
You have a fantastic weekend too Kleo. We're gearing up for another 100+ degree day here. UGH! It's friggin' Canada - this is ridiculous.
Pats to Mattie and Heidi. I'm so happy to hear she's doing better.

Vegan Diva said...

What a gorgeous picture. The ocean looks so beautiful. Glad to hear that Heidi is doing better. Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

Geraldine said...

Great photo, actually it got me kinda 'teared up' ....all of my grandparents are gone, I miss my Mom's Mom in particular, we were very close. When she was 86 she was happy, smiling, busy, great cook and gardener...your husband's Gran reminds me of her spirit.

Huggs right back at ya....Love your blog and thanks for your visits to Veggies, always enjoy your comments, so much.


funwithyourfood said...

Matties looking great!
Torrie pines- are you a golfer?
I've in that area too. When I was in college and feeling entirely too stressed, I'd drive to torrey pines or La Jolla at night to watch the ocean and the night sky.
Great pic!


pinknest said...

oohhhh that tree and grass look WONDERFUL. i want to go roll around in it. i have no grass. :(

Melody said...

A Pink House! That pic is great.. He looks like he has a wonderful spirit.

We had some Peta members wrap themselves up in plastic "meat" containers downtown with their parts labeled like that. It's amazing the outrage it brought out in people. It's hilarious to me that people accuse vegans of being pushy, but they react so defensivly and often very over the top when all someone does is silently protest.

Melody said...

the photo of the trees are amazing..

tara said...

Glad to hear Heidi is doing better.

Nice pic. :)

I live in Mellencamp country, btw. I made fun of his music in high school, and now I live where he's a god. ;)

Hope you're having a good weekend. As always, thanks for the comments on my blog. :)

karen said...

What a great shot of torrey pines. And the pic of Peter's dad with Mattie is adorable.

So glad Heidi is better.

I didn't get anything from Peta about the protest, either. And Melody is right, silently protesting sometimes brings out the guilt and anger from meat eaters and they tend to act completely out of control. I've had some interesting conversations with my coworkers about protests. They don't like to "told" wahat to do. Some people just don't get it...

Hope you are doing well :)

speedvegan said...

oh, i want to live in CA !!

so glad Heidi is doing better. :-)

Anonymous said...

This picture of Peter's dad is priceless! I love it. Thank goodness Heidi's doing better. Give her a smooch for me.

Sonya said...

Nice photo of Peter's dad - it should be framed, it's so natural and wonderful!

So glad to hear that Heidi is doing better!!! yay.

And as for vegan athletes - check out Bif Naked. She's a rock'n roll star - but vegan (raw food), and she works out like crazy. Her body is absolutely insane. She practises martial arts, yoga, and a million other things.

And thanks for your comment on my blog - it meant a lot!:-)

Anonymous said...

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