Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy World Vegetarian Day!! (1 Oct.)

Pea-lease, kick up yer heels!

Wanna make sumfin' of it?! :o)

From Friends of Animals...

<--Direct action!

(and of course tomorrow, 2 Oct.,
is World Farm Animals Day...)
World Vegetarian Day's own site:

Ya know what? I'm puzzled, too!

<--From North American Vegetarian Society:

Sundown Sunday also marks the start of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, and for anyone who wants to know why this is the most important holiday on the calendar for Jews:

Suffice it to say Yom Kippur is considered by all Jews as the most solemn day of the year. We stand before G-d all day long in prayer; we appeal for forgiveness for our errors and plan to improve ourselves in the coming year.

It's been a rough end of the Jewish year/a rough month of September for me, with my friend Emilie's death which was preceded by my friend David going through quintuple bypass surgery. Then a week ago, my friend Steve was flipped and flung from his bicycle going 15 mph by someone carelessly opening up their car door causing him fractures and broken bones - but fortunately he was wearing a helmet!

I'm so grateful for a new month secular-speaking and for a new year ahead - 5767, i do believe.

I'll be away from the computer until well after sundown Monday and hope all of you enjoy World Vegetarian Day and World Farm Animals Day and for all those who are fasting to commemorate Yom Kippur, i wish you an easy fast!!

And if there are any pineapple fans out there, this is pretty cool:

Have a great weekend & week ahead!


Geraldine said...

You and Mattie are toooo cute.

Happy World Vegetarian Day to you too Kleo. You are doing more than your share, getting the word out, why people need to make changes for the sake of all creatures.

I feel honored to know you.

Huggs, G

laura jesser said...

Thanks for gathering all the wonderful veg*n pics on your site, and I hope you have a fantastic World Vegetarian Day too! I couldn't agree more with Geraldine about your and Mattie.

Bless you, Kleo!

Candi said...

Kleo, thanks so much for all the info again!! I love the cartoons you found!

I feel bad that you've had a rough time of things recently with all those unfortunate incidents, and I am sure the new month will be a healing and wonderful month for you!

Your picture is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I hope you have that framed in your home. I have to save it because it's SO SO sweet.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and come back refreshed!!!!!


Carrie™ said...

Happy Veg Day to you too Kleo! I adore the 'I'm puzzled' t-shirt. I think the same way. Someone I work with was going on and on about a tasty steak. I was sick of listening, so I asked them if they eat dogs too. Not something I would normally do, but I was in the mood that day. They were shocked! "Oh that's just gross!"
Anyhow, I'm glad your rough month has come to an end. Let's hope this is the start of a fresh, upward swing for you. And thank you again for steering us to such informative sites. Everytime I visit your blog I learn something. XO
E-mail me when you know what would be a good meeting day/time. I have that whole weekend free so whatever works best for you!

Melissa West said...

Love the picture of you and mattie!

Thanks for keeping track of important dates for us kleo. Happy Veggie Day to one of my favourite vegetarians!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about Yom Kippur....I never knew what it was about and thanks to you I'm enlighteded!!! I hope you're able to get some new perspective given all the stress you have endured over the last couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Happy Veg Day to you too!

I think we could all benefit from a day of atonement, no matter what our beliefs are.

I'm sorry you've had a bad month and pray that the coming months will be better for you.

Kate said...

I had no idea it was Vegetarian Day. Where have I been? I did not know anything about Yom Kippur, thank you for the information. Maybe you will share your break-fast meal with us?

trac said...

Happy World Veg Day to you, Kleo! I hope things get better for you. It sounds as though you had a rough couple of months. I don't think I posted on your entry about your friend's passing - I think I was no internet at that time due to our move. I do want to say that I am sorry for loss and I hope time brings you memories of all the fun and good times with your friend and less of sorrow.

ps. thanks for the running encouragement - Cos and I are still plugging along :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you and Mattie. So adorable. Give her and BIIIG hug for me. Hopefully some day I'll be able to meet you and give her a hug myself. :)

I wish you many blessings, peace, happiness, and lots of delicious veg food for your new year.

The Lone Beader said...

There's a 'Vegetarian Day'?? LOL!! i celebrated today and didn't even know it. I had mac & cheese and steamed broccoli for dinner. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that's my favorite picture of you so far (and they're all good!).

I like the fur one. I should send it to my mom.

Urban Vegan said...

Happy WV Day, Kleo, and as awlays, thanks for all you do to raise awarenss.

Hope your Yom Kippur was meaningful and enlightening, It;s a holiday I think the entire world should adopt--along with WVDay.

Jackie said...

Hope everyone had a good World Vegetarian Day and managed to shock a few people for World Animal Factory Farming Day.

We had a few events countrywide. I attended the one for factory farmed animals as that is very close to my heart.

Hope everything went well over the fast Kleo and that the next year be a happy and healthy one.

Emmy said...

Happy Belated World Vegetarian Day Kleo :) That is an adorable picture of you and Mattie. Awwww!!!! Thanks for posting the link about Yom Kippur. I knew of it but not really what it was all about.

You really have had a rough few weeks. *HUGS* I'm definitely thinking of you. Please give get well soon wishes to your friend David as he recovers from his quintuple bypass surgery. OMG. Just the sound of that scares the heck out of me. That is terrible what happened to your friend Steve. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet! Please give get well wishes to him too :)

Love that pineapple link. How neat!

Harmonia said...

Happy Veggie Day (a day late!) I was out of town and will have to do a belated one! ;)

LOVE the cartoons!

funwithyourfood said...

have a good holiday and send all your friends well wishings from me :)


Anonymous said...

Happy World Vegetarian Day to you too ! love the cartoons and the photo too!

Yom Kippur is really new for me I dont know anything about it but i love to learn more!

meesh said...

Thank you for all the great veggie pics. I love the "puzzled" one. So true.

I hope the coming months bring better/easier days for you and yours, Kleo. Sounds like it's been a little rough lately. I hope this holy day is one that brings you peace and rejuvination.

blessed be...

Nikki said...

What a beautiful pic! I hope you had a lovely day!

Veg*Triathlete said...

I'm sorry that you've had a rough time lately; I hope that the holiday will mark a new beginning, with much happiness for you!

Jody from VegChic said...

Kleo, I hope you and your family had an easy fast!

Thanks as always for the links.

Britty said...

Hi Kleo!

I hope you had a good weekend! That picture of you and Mattie is adorable!

Candi said...

*boing boing* I'm still blog hopping! I know you're not back online yet, but I just wanted to say hi again! :) :)

Vicki said...

awesome collection of cartoons, pictures, & links -- but it all pales compared to the kisses for cute mttie! i know things will turn around for you -- it's been a tough time -- sorry about that, kleo.

Raw Vegan Momma said...

You've had a challenging time. You remain in my thoughts and I'm hoping you are doing well. Try to take the time needed to relax and recharge it varies for everyone.

I enjoy reading your posts about Jewish culture I know some but am always happy to learn more. I'm already teafching my daughter aboutother cultures. It's very important not only to know your own but others also. In fact part of our mentoring piece with our mentoring program is learning about other cultures. I insisted upon it.

bazu said...

I hope Yom Kippur went well for you, and best wishes for a bright and healthy new year.
Thanks so much for all the thought-provoking and just plain funny stuff. I really want that "I'm confused" t-shirt! Wouldn't that be great?
Great pup pictures, too, by the way!