Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here's lookin' at YOU, kids!

Hi from the Matster! Here i am at the vet's not long ago, in
desperate need of a hare-cut, but mommy doesn't take me very
often. :o( Boo. I'm told that i'm still pretty cute though! What
can i say? This punkinhead is the background photo on mommy's
computer at home AND at work. Yeah, i know: I'm so loved.

Today before work, mommy took me 'n' Heidi to one of the super fun Dog Parks in Balboa Park and we had a total, total blast. I think she will share photos of our fun tomorrow or sumfin' like that!

OK, Mat, my turn!! Yes, i shall share some of the photos of today's outings!! Hi... it's me, with one final photo of the double celebration from last week. A vegetarian brownie i made sits, lit (alit?), in front of the b'day boys and Peter's mother. The brownie had no eggs and i used 8th Continent soy milk for the liquid, but the decorations are mini m&m's. So, not vegan. Boo! It was super sweet - and i do mean super sweet! - but i heard no complaints!



Mat's still on her veggie dry food and i have taken to giving her
some canned vegetarian people foodstuffs to wet the dry goods.
I don't recommend it for every dog, but it works for Mat, whose
blood pressure was high when i adopted her as a senior a few years
back... her cholesterol is down into normal range now...

Here's another dog who's a vegetarian (and likes yoga!):
and a link to a vegetarian dogs Web site that i just checked out:

And no, Mattie does not do yoga, but she does know about Doga:
And Dog Yoga as well:


So since i was frustrated at not being able to post on non-Beta
bloggers' blogs, i created a new identity (is this "identity theft"
or what!?) as kleo2 (i know, how original!) and the "new" web
page is: http://piscesveggie.blogspot.com/ but i really don't plan
on posting there unless i have problems with this blog!


This saddens me a bit... it does not bode well for the youth of today...


The Artist said...

Your dog looks healthy and happy, and your doggy diet sounds great. Also enjoyed the people photo, some great smiles there, best wishes, The Artist.

Candi said...

Hi Kleo and Mattie!! :)

Mattie is sure looking great, even pre-haircut!! LOL!

I love the birthday photos. That one of the three of them is really priceless. They all look so happy. Must have been the brownie!! :)

I gove my dogs dry and canned veggie food too! It works really well. I sometimes give them our people food mixed in, if it is something the vet said was ok. BJ was overweight, but we are getting him trimmed up! He is already looking better! :) He's one happy veggie dog, like Mattie!!

Love the doggie yoga links! LOL! I tried doing yoga near the dogs awhile back, but the little ones climb on me during the poses. It's tough when they leap on and off my stomach! I wish they would just quietly do the yoga poses with me instead of ON me!

Sad about the quotes, but most of them are kids. I wonder what I would have said when I was in highschool and put on the spot with that question?

Harmonia said...

Hi! Yup, your comments are still asking me to approve them...but that is okay...I always will! :)

Cute pic, btw!


Have a great Wednesday!

Emmy said...

OMG! Mattie is so adorable, even without a recent hair cut. Too cute!!!!!!!

And how nice you made brownies for the birthday celebrations :)

That last article is awful. I totally agree with you.

Vicki said...

mattie's haircut is perfect - whata cutie pie! and yum on the birthday brownie. looking forward to balboa park photos - i LOVE that park. have you ever heard the pipe organs play?

kleo2- aka kleopatra! :o) you are the best! thank you for getting a new name to sign on "non-beta" blogs! all i can say is what's up? nothing at all seems different to me...other than what i hear from the "betas". it's like dr. seuss's the sneetches -- they had stars upon thairs! i have no star. i guess i just wait for a beta invite -- can any of you just sneak me in the back door? kleo! isn't this a talent of yours?! i remember the fair..... LOL!!!

Vicki said...

no haircut? i missed something... she doesn't need one - perfect as is! :o)

Jane M said...

Mattie is the cutest!!!! Such a happy face.

Brownies looked really good too!!!

Jackie said...

Wow I didn't realize I had got so behind in reading your posts.

Was very sad to hear about Steve's death. I have only seen him a couple of times on TV here and he appeared to be a great animal lover.

Mattie looks very healthy on his vegetarian diet and doesn't look as if he needs a hair cut :)

The birthday boys seemed to have really enjoyed themselves.

Anonymous said...

My sister's German Shepherd seems to be doing a lot better on vegetarian food. I think the only non-vegan ingredient is D3. She had hip issues but now seems better.

I can finally post!

Shananigans said...

Hi Kleo! Thanks for the doggy yoga links. Dexter likes to “help” when I do yoga at home. Mostly he just thinks any time I’m on the floor must be playtime, and he’ll sit on any part of the mat I might not be using. Kind of cute, even if he does get in the way a bit.

This was my favorite quote from that last link : “I am sympathetic toward animals, but I like meat too much. I just don't think of how they die.”
Yes, if you just don’t think about it, it’s like it doesn’t even happen! Brilliant, I must employ this ignorant pacifism immediately, must make living in the world a lot easier. Back in high school one of my good friends lived on a farm that raised beef, I always felt weird going over there because I felt like my vegetarianism must have been offensive to her family or something. Mostly I just avoided being over there during meal times.

I love that Mattie, pictures of her always make me smile

Melody said...

I can see you now!

meesh said...

What a cute little puppers you have there! And great big kudos to you for adopting an "older" pet. I got my kitty-boo, Nic when he was about nine, and I have never regretted it. Now if I could just train him to go for walks... ;)

That last link of the quotes from high school kids was kind of sad. But then, I remember that I used to be one of those people that thought they could not give up meat. I really loved steak and scrambled eggs and bbq chicken etc. I was taught that you needed meat to survive too. I mean you can't possibly get enough protein from peanut butter and beans, can you?! Thankfully I grew up a little and came to my own conclusions, so I guess there's always hope, right?

Urban Vegan said...

What a cute the Matster is. And what a fab brownie you made. Looks yummy.

Dori said...

dog yoga, that is just so dog gone funny! I am sad that many teens in america feel that they cannot live without meat. what is sadder is tat they don't even know what awesome food they are missing out on.... think awesome food, it's not denial!

our dog pup eats a veggie diet... i've been making her food BUT i do add free range organic eggs (we get them from a farmer near us). before we started adding the eggs her coat wasn't shiny... I imagine that my homemade food didn't have the right combo. now it does though.

funwithyourfood said...

I LOVE a shaggy pup. They're cute :)


laura jesser said...

I'm glad your dog is doing well and very happy! It is too bad about the kids' vegetarian quotes... But I definitely did not develop the attitudes I have today until college! So I would say, don't despair. There's hope yet!

Anonymous said...

Mattie is so adorable. I used to love it when our cocker had long shaggy hair although Marty much preferred him to be shaved. This photo is a keeper. I'm going to download it so I can look at it all the time. Are you still feeding her the Royal Canin? Noble is STILL having trouble with loose stools. We're now on the 3rd food.

I like the doggie yoga links. Too fun!

I'm very disturbed by the ignorance displayed in the quotes from the kids. Hopefully they'll grow up and decide to become responsible, compassionate people. I wish that our world was different but I guess in the end, I can only be responsible for myself and my actions.

Jody from VegChic said...

Hey Kleo...

Great pics of Mattie the cutie! It is awesome that you have her on a veg diet.

The yoga dog story is so cool. My mom's dogs used to love veggies and fruits.

The quotes from the kids are frustrating, but they are kids. When I was in high school, I might have said something similiar. I really believed becoming vegetarian was too hard when I was younger. Now I am vegan!

Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

Wow, the Matster looks just adorable...

'Mitzi stop it!!!! Its only a photo'.....she just doesn't see it as I do.

Huggs, G

Harmonia said...

The shower is Saturday! now I am thinking of making a few other dishes! But they have to be quick ones! Any ideas or recipes?

primaryconsumer said...

Mattie looks so healthy! I love the birthday photo, it's so heartwarming. And Kleo2, haha, you are too funny!

tara said...

I chuckled at that pic of Mat. She looks adorable! :)

Very nice pic of Peter and his parents. The brownie sounds scrumptious (sans m&ms ;) )

That dog food looks interesting. One of my dogs actually really likes most of the fruit or veggies we've given him to try. The other one will eat everything else in creation (cat litter anyone?) but will not touch fruit or veggies.

Great links! My dogs both do a really good downward facing dog pose. Better than I can do it. I only wish I could get them to do yoga WITH me. Instead, my yoga time is their play time, or so they think (jump on mom time... ;) )

That last article link is pretty sad.... :(

Aarwenn said...

(More deep breaths)

Can I try to turn it around? How would you feel if, on my blog, I posted a link to an article asking six people in the thirty-forty age group how they felt about being vegetarians, and they said the same things, and I said, "This makes me wonder how my generation turned out okay at all, if these are our role models"?

pinknest said...

lol! i love that dog photo. i used to have a cocker spaniel as well and i would grow her hair out. :)

Nikki said...

What a cutie pie! :)

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so cute. Dog Yoga (LOL).

Having a daughter that rebels against veg food, I understand the kids' comments. In my daughter's case, she doesn't want to be different from her friends. While she will eat vegetarian, vegan is too "over the edge" for her. I'm hoping she'll eventually come around.

Kareno said...

Your dogs are cutie pies! My cat is going to stay a carnivore, as she is 21 and just a leeeetle set in her ways. Great site!