Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Signs of life...

Mattie, as i have posted here, my sweet punkinhead, is deaf.
(She also got her hare kut today and i'll post pix later this week!)
Thought i'd post a version of the American Sign Language for
"I am a vegetarian." Here is the link where i found the interesting info:

This may be "the road less traveled" but 'tis my fave road!
How about you?!


From 1999 "Time Out New York" - "Help! I'm dating a vegetarian!"
Nice look on the dude's face. I can relate to the lady!! ZOINKS!

Here's an excellent, excellent recent Q&A with the brilliant Peter Singer:

And his web site:


Sincere thanks for all of your kind words regarding my friend Emilie. *HUGS* for caring AND for ALWAYS using seat belts when in a moving vehicle. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my healing heart.

What i'm feelin' right now:

Live life with passion.
Live life with purpose.
Love one another.
Laugh with a full heart.
Embrace each and every moment.


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

the road to vegetaria..

how so coool!!!! hehe...

Live life with passion.
Live life with purpose.
Love one another.
Laugh with a full heart.
Embrace each and every moment.

Absolutely agree with each and every word..

The Artist said...

Love that cartoon with each pointing at the other. That would certainly be me if I was served up meat, with best wishes, The Artist

Anonymous said...

I liked the Singer interview. I don't like welfarist points of view so much, like acting as if factory farming is the only problem, instead of murdering animals in general, whether you perceive them to be "free-range" or not, but good read! Thanks for the cartoons, too. :) Cherie

Geraldine said...

Good thoughts K and words to live by! Hard at times rise above the problems and struggles.

Glad you are feeling better, take care and huggs, G

Emmy said...

That's really neat about signing "I'm a Vegetarian". Looking forward to seeing Mattie's pic later this week. She's such a cutie! Loved the Time Out NY cartoon. That is really a great sentiment about what you're feeling. Glad you're doing ok and Rob sends his condolences as well about your friend. Take Care!!!

Melody said...

Ok Kleo, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend... I am just catching up on blogger after being gone for a couple of days..

Nikki said...

What a beautiful passage! Truly words to live by!

I had no idea your little Mattie was deaf. I've always wondered how difficult it was to train a deaf dog. Mattie seems very well adjusted!

Anonymous said...

beautiful passage! and love the cartoons!

meesh said...

Good morning, Kleo!

Thanks for the terrific links to Peter Singer. He's such an inspiration. Makes me want to go get a doctorate in sociology and write books! Well, maybe I'll stick with the journalism....but I'll do stories on animal rights whenever I can. :)

Thanks for the cartoons! They brighten up a somewheat gloomy day here in L.A. Sure beats the scorching heat, though.

I think I will have to print out the poem you posted and tape it to my bathroom mirror so I read it every day before I head out into the world. Words to live by, indeed.

Gaia said...

I think I need to work on "Embrace each and every moment"...

Thank you for posting that, you are the greatest :)

cindy said...

As always thanks for the great cartoons. I definitely look forward to them.
The Vegan Place is currently down. We had a server crash. I will continue to visit your blog and keep in touch through my comments and of course will let you know when it is back up and going.

Dori said...

Good words to what you are feeling right now. I agree. My favorite experession is Live well, Love much, and Laugh often.

That trip to vegetaria looks delish! I'll go :)

Megan the Vegan said...

you always have the best cartoons! I dont know where you find them.

tara said...

Look forward to the pics of Mattie. :)

That cartoon. LOL. I definitely can relate, though I don't eat out too much anymore.

I got the book you sent. Very cute! Did you know that the other team in the book is Harmonia's team? I got an additional chuckle out of that. ;) I think I'm actually going to put my hubby's picture in it. ;)

Urban Vegan said...

A nice post, Kleo. Lots of food for thought, as always. I'm holding up the veggie sign right now!

Jody from VegChic said...

Hey Kleo...

I've been lurking and didn't comment. Now that I have a minute, I did want to let you know that I've been thinking of both you and your friend.

It is a terrible thing when someone passes away at such a young age and it hurts more when it seems like it could have been prevented.

Hopefully her friends and family can find peace. My prayers go out to you and them.

Anonymous said...

I loved the road to vegetaria. Your posts are always so amusing :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoons and I love the passage that you ended your post with. Passion, purpose and hearts full of laughter and love -- everyone should live that way everyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally loving your thoughts for the moment. Very insightful and true. Karen, you're a beautiful person and a wonderful blogger friend.

Thanks for sharing the sign language for vegetarian. I will definitely be memorizing that.

Too bad we can't all take one big road trip to Vegetaria!

Candi said...

I love the sign language for veggie person!! :) We'll be using that this year in Britty's school, definitely!

Thanks for the Peter Singer links! I did laugh at the question where someone asked him if he lived up to his last name and could sing. Odd question! Lol!

Thanks for your words of wisdom too! I hope you are feeling a little better. :)

Candi said...

Me again! Lol!

I just read your comment on my blog and am so excited for you to try wheatgrass!!!!! I hope you love it like I do. I wanted to say that to start, I just had one ounce mixed with lots of applejuice!! I took in on an empty stomach, then ate real food 30 minutes later. :) Week two, I went up to two ounces, and really felt great.

I really disliked the taste so much that it nearly made me forget about it. I just dealt with it, and when I saw my eyes whiten, it was freaky!! Softer skin and hair, and your cuts heal SO quickly! You can just imagine how well it is cleaning and healing your body inside too!

Someone I know tried it and felt dizzy, so please go slow! Or, read up on it more at the library or on Websites. It's amazing stuff, to me, and I wish it was given out by doctors instead of all the drugs they give out!!

Anyhow, I'm SO excited that you will try it! If you don't like it, you can tell me. I won't be hurt. LOL! I'm not sure if it's for everyone. I sure hope you like it though!!!!!! This is exciting for me because it's like when someone you know goes KNOW they will feel so much better as time goes on and you're excited for them. That's how I feel now for you! *YAY!*

Oooh! You made my night! lol!! {{{hugs}}}

kris said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. What a sad loss...

I have a degree in American Sign Language interpreting, so it was funny, I totally perked up when I saw you posted that video clip. My two world's colliding!