Saturday, September 02, 2006

Food For Life & Birthday Fun

I like the song "Get The Balance Right" by Depeche Mode
and i like what this poster espouses! Veggie food - for life!!
And my humming of that tune also led me here:

... for EVER and EVER and EVER... AMEN!!


And the birthday boyz - Peter's dad and Peter - at a table last week
at SIPZ with me & the woman who was 49 years old when she had
Peter (the day after her husband's 51st birthday!) having a night out:

We ate great veg food and the owner, my pal, Sylvia, gave us
two slices of their smashingly good vegan chocolate cake! I'd
brought special candles to mark the occasion, which weren't
lighting up very well but i snapped this photo when i had a
chance. Notice the backwards "B" and how a few aren't lit? Oops.

When we finally got done eating the cake,
which was ooey, gooey, rich & chewy and
sinfully delicious, as always, only a few
candle letters remained. Ever the nerd, i
grabbed 'em and asked if anyone at the
table could make a word with what was left:

And that was what was there. ADAPT
Pretty apropos for life as we know it, no?

The mural on the entirety of one of SIPZ's walls is totally gorgeous...
and i'm kinda partial to the person posing with this imposing fish...


Is the following link food for thought? I don't think so, but...
I find it offensive and quite difficult to believe...
What is your take on it? I would love your feedback.


Now open in Pasadena! Alternative Outfitters!
Here they are online:


Hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend!!!
P.S. I am now coming to you via BETA BLOGGING.


Carrie™ said...

Happy Birthday Peter's Mom!!
She had a baby when she was 49? Wow! Sounds like a special lady.
Essential Vegan looks like a great site. I've bookmarked it to go back and surf around some more. Alternative Outfitters ships to Canada! yea! and the shipping charges aren't too insane. Thanks for those links.
You have a great weekend too Kleo!

psssst! I like the comment you left under the picture of Peter. Very sweet!

Candi said...

Happy birthday to the two handsome birthday boys!!!! *cheers* You looked like you had a great time! I love Peter's parents! They are the cutest. Kleo, you are looking amazing, as always - so healthy and beautiful.

I read that article you posted about the "warnings" for the world going veg. Yes, it was totally offensive, particularly this: "Once emotional, people do not think." His 4 or 5 reasons for the so-called disasters of going veg are not even based on facts. His reasons were really lame, and I would just disregard that article and that man's beliefs all together. he's just writing to see his own words in prints, I guess.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I checked your blog and saw it was "moving" to the new Beta version! YAY Me too!! :P i hope it's better!

Bye for now!!

Melissa West said...

Happy Birthday to Peter and his Dad! That chocolate cake looks scrumptious. God bless that woman for giving birth to Peter at 49! Incredible!

Anonymous said...

49!?!?! Holy ****! That is truly impressive!

The Essential Vegan site looks awesome! Thanks for that link. your posts are always such wealth's of information!

As for the allAfrica post. How stupid! And Offensive! First of all, the hunters of early man, can't be compared with the gluttunous meat eaters of today. And I really do think there's a difference between killing an animal for sustenance and survival and factory farming.

Second, my vegetable cook a lot faster than any meat I ever cooked. I wonder what veggies he's cooking??? Not to mention you can eat most of them RAW! Seems that would take LESS fuel consmumption.

Third... you know what... his arguements are just so stupid and unsubstantiated. MORE deforestation? Extinction of species?? (cows? pigs? not likely!)

And my personal favorite: It would create a nutritional crisis in many parts of the world, leading to starvation, stunting and interference with brain development. People, deprived of meat, will eat more carbohydrates and fats and obesity, diabetes and their consequences will assume catastrophic dimensions.

I wonder what scientific basis this retired surgeon has for THOSE statements???


Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

And same to you K!!! The veggie chart looks interesting,I must check out where its available.

Huggs, Happy Labour Day, G

PS Up here in Canada we love the letter U LOL......

Johanna3 said...

i love your post as always about the: Kenya: Vegetarian Mankind a Threat to Wildlife, that was the most weird and offensive thing i read lately!

happy birthday! feliz cumpleaƱos to the boys!

Carrie™ said...

No Kleo, you had it right, I had it wrong. When I read you post again, it's perfectly clear. (I had just gotten home late, late late & was kinda tired, obviously) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER AND PETER'S DAD! How wonderful it must have been for his father to have a son born on his birthday. I was out late, late, late with my friend Michelle, who was born on her mother's birthday. And I was born on my grandmother's birthday. She said I was the best present she ever got. Awwww! I miss her.
Anyhow, no getting weepy - as for the trophies in the background, they are my Dad's & my stepmom's bowling trophies. (HA!) They played in a work league.(They both worked for the provincial government) There would be a big banquet-type thing at the end of the season where they'd all have too much to drink and come home with trophies. (Yes! Our tax dollars at work.) I think they actually fundraised the money for those things, but those two would do pretty good.
Thanks for such a nice comment. Happy Labour Day!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

First of all Happy b'day to peter and his dad!!! The cake looks yummmy...

now about the article.. I didnot read the whole thing because its written by someone who is heavily conditioned and has a very biased reasoning..

but heres something this person said:
Yet without coercing animals, putting them to work, breeding them according to selected characteristics, humans would not have attained the level of development they have - neither would they have without the control of species that are detrimental to agriculture, storage and civil engineering
Sometimes I think humans think progress means techonological advance or farming advance.. or some sort of advance which is connected to money or industry or capitalism or convenience.. I think progress means moral and ethical progress.. PERIOD.. if u cannot achieve that means u r de-progressing and de-evolving.. and as I see the world today we are current in the Age of Apathy which I call the Ice Age or Stone Age.. With so much brains and awareness if a single animals is harmed .. proves how stupid our species is..

In btw, I had switched to beta blogging like a month ago :-) .. now I'm unable to comment on any non-beta blogs..

Anonymous said...

Great Post Kleo !
I love the candles ! So cute !

And Happy birthday to the men at the table. Great pic !

Love the posters too !

Un-Beta Gaia

laura jesser said...

Fun birthday celebration! The candles on the cake were too cute!

About the allAfrica article: One of the guy's errors is that he is trying to take something that was "necessary" in the past and applying it to the world today. I don't know enough about the evolution of the human brain to know whether consumption of meat allowed it to develop to its current state; it sounds valid, at least. However, it does not take a scientist to figure out that TODAY protein is not something we have a problem obtaining. Now that we have so many different options, why in the world would it be necessary to sustain ourselves on animal flesh?

Hmm. And even if cooking vegetables *did* consume more energy than cooking meat (which I don't believe for a second), his argument does not take into account the energy consumed in producing meat vs. vegetables.

At least he opposes cruel factory farming practices. At least he believes in better treatment for animals. But to attack the veg*n community for consuming too much energy and destroying the environment and promoting obesity and underdevelopment of the brain? The man is obviously no scientist. So I say, let him spout off. Let's just keep doing what we're doing and educate others based on reality, not on someone's unfounded and biased agenda.

Thanks for sharing!

Dori said...

Great clebration - Happy Birthday guys - and great fish mural, oh is that Peter in front of the fish. I didn't think you noticed :)

Now on to the article....
I read it and I didn't feel offended, but I did question whether this was an attempt at using satire. He starts out talking about how we need to consider the wasy animals are treated and ends with the thought that he wants to see animals treated better.... in between he gets really wacky, so wacky it makes me think he is attempting satire.

Perhaps my college English teacher would think it is good, for some reason this was her favorite style of writing and she made us use it several times for a few assignments.

Maybe he wants to convince the meat producing population that we "know" meat eating is the healthiest and that business will not be affected IF they treat animals better. If he talks to them at "their level" (read meat eating is good, has been good, always will be good) ... then the meat producers won't feel insecure and will listen to his plea to have animals treated better.

If meat producers listen to him I'd have to say, it doesn't matter which style this retired surgeon goes about his request ... it would be a score for us.

Midwest Vegan said...

Happy Birthday to Peter and his dad! Looks like a fun outing. Great pic of Peter.

You always have the most interesting items on your posts -- always makes me think.

VeganDoc said...

Hey that cake looks awesome! Happy birthday Peter's mom! My bday is in a week and a half, and I think I'm going to end up making my own bday cake, which is fine by me, as we have no vegan bakery in Boston.

Oh yes, and when I was in Cali a couple weeks ago, I did visit Alternative Outfitters new store in Pasadena. Got an awesome purse for going out. I'll bet they remember that girl from Boston who brought her whole family and asked if she could feature them on my blog. :)

VeganDoc said...

I read the article on the AllAfrica site. Seriously flawed logic. What kind of "doctor" is that? Geez.

funwithyourfood said...

those candles are so cool! did they come with the cake there or did you get them?


Emmy said...

Love those birthday candles and the chocolate vegan cake looks yummy! Very Happy Birthday wishes to Peter and his dad. Rob and Peter have something in common - Rob's dad was 51 when he was born too. That fish murual is fab!!

Alternative Outfitters - How cool is that? It's always a good day when I hear of new vegan-friendly businesses :)

Liz said...

very happy birthday to Peter and his dad ! you always post the cutest pictures. thanks for sharing them with us.

the article is incredible. my boyfriend and i both thought it was some sort of joke at first. wow. it's hard to believe intelligent and educated individuals could actually believe such nonsense.

Shananigans said...

Happy birthday to the boys!

That article was mostly baseless speculation. If you don’t have to have proof to back anything up you can make almost any argument sound at least semi-plausible. Anyway, I don’t think the world is in any “danger” of going all-veg anytime soon…