Thursday, June 08, 2006

One mo' reason to go all the way vegan

Goodness gracious, what on earth/sea is next?


Mat hit the trails earlier this week -->
Today she gets plaque/teeth scraping. Poor kid!

We are currently & will continue to be dogsitting on this lovely Thursday for her best pal, Heidi the yellow Labrador, so it's not all bad...


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Hii to Mattie!! and Hii to heidi too.. :-)

Tax said...

Sooo cute!
And poor thing for the teeth scraping: my dog had it done several times and he hated it each single one, especially waking up from anestesia!!!
And I can relate well since this very morning i went to the dentist!
My hugs to you both!

pinknest said...

awww, how cute! but teeth scraping! oh boo.

Carrie™ said...

Mattie is so adorable. I just love her face! How old is she?
Simon hasn't had the pleasure of teeth cleaning yet. I get to go in 2 weeks. yea.

Carrie™ said...

Oh forgot to add, I left you a rather long-ish Vegas reply on my blog.

Vicki said...

cute dog pic! :)

& concerning the other, i saw a very disturbing article the other day: "Whaling nations poised to gain control of panel" it goes on to say that japan & norway, 2 nations that have refused to give up large-scale whaling despite widespread condemnation, are on the cusp of gaining control of the international commission that since 1986 has strictly limited whale hunting.

have you heard about this? it makes my heart so heavy...

Tanya Kristine said...

so sweet. foster had her ears cleaned and her nails cut to stubs. yay!!! she's not so stinky anymore...

i can't look at the link. can not do it anymore

funwithyourfood said...

I like it when you post pics with the puppy. it's just too cute


KleoPatra said...

To MC Seitan:

Mattie (and Heidi) send their doggie love to you!!!

To tax:

Thank you!!! Mattie is recovering fine. She had her ears cleaned out too. So now she's waiting for the boys to come running after her, with fresh breath and all! :o)

To pinknest:

Yep, she's a cutie all right. And she was shakin' like a leaf at the vet's office this morning. She knew somethin' was up... but she's got pearly whites now, so life is good!

To Carrie:

Thank you!! And Mattie is happy you find her adorable. She wants to know if Simon is single. She's spay and she's an ol' lady of about 11 (i adopted her at the "pound" three years ago and the peeps there guessed her age as 8 but who knows?!) but she's quite sweet and hardly ever crotchety. Don'tcha LOVE teeth cleaning? OUCH!! Thanks for your reply on your blog about Vivaaaaaaaaaa La$ Vega$....

To Vicki:

Thanks!! And i keep up on various issues with whales and all mattesr of the sea, esp. since we're a "Navy" town here and "SeaWorld" is also a(n annoying) resident... it is heartbreaking. Our natural environment and the entire world is changing... and not for the better. Have you heard about that movie Al Gore did? I def. wanna go see it...

To TK:

Hey girlie, that link is about how vegetarians need to be careful because companies are putting fish stuff in dairy and egg products. It's not what you might have thought it was. You don't have to look at it but it's worth checking out because it's scary what is going on in the lacto ovo world. I am not yet vegan so this concerned and concerns me!!

To Teddy:

Mattie appreciates your nice words. She likes starring on the computer!!

kaivegan said...

Thanks for the article link. So disturbing... and yeah, what's next?

Btw, can you recommend any good video/documentaries about animals? Not necessarily for kids, but something they could watch too?

Vicki said...

yes, i have heard of gore's movie ~ i can't wait to see it. such a shame we didn't get a brain like his in the white house.

Vicki said...

hi kai, i just saw your question. i have some good animal documentaries that are good for kids & adults:

national geographic has a bunch:
"america's endangered species: don't say good-bye" "the grizzlies" "crocodiles: here be dragons" "african wildlife"

video nature library also has some: "pandas of the sleeping dragon"

world of discovery: "wolf: return of a legend"

maybe your library has some of those titles?

kaivegan said...

Vicki, thanks!

Actually...our library has all of these videos!

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