Thursday, June 15, 2006

Groupie? Who, me?

Not bad for an old guy... if we could only
get him back to bein' a vegetarian again!


File this under: "Life in the good ol' USA."

In a proverbial nutshell:


Armed police stormed a community garden in South Central Los Angeles this week, arresting 25 people including actress Daryl Hannah.

The 14 acre plot of land, tended by over 350 neighborhood fruit and vegetable farmers for a decade, is the largest urban community garden in the country, and a symbol of hope for the embattled South Central neighborhood.

Although the highly successful garden provides affordable, mostly organic food for low-income residents in this economically depressed area, a ten-year ownership dispute over the land has led to a dramatic standoff between neighborhood residents and the powerful real estate lobby of Los Angeles.

Despite massive public opposition, multi-millionaire real estate developer Ralph Horowitz obtained a court order to pave over the community garden and replace it with an industrial warehouse. After back-tracking on a proposal to sell the 14 acre plot to neighborhood residents for $16 million, Horowitz called in the police and bulldozers to clear the property of inhabitants.

Neighborhood farmers and residents, along with the L.A. organic community, have vowed to keep up the struggle and save the community garden.


Anyone going to be in San Francisco at the end of September/early October?
I am thinking of going to this:



funwithyourfood said...

World veggie day.. in SF..
hmm i'm temped to go.. I need to talk to the bf. Maybe i can convince him haha


Carrie™ said...

I forgot to comment on the last post about the "Better Than Ears". Simon goes nuts for those things. I haven't bought them recently. He's been a good boy. Time for a treat.
I read about Darryl Hannah earlier today. I knew she was veg, but she's been quiet lately. I guess she's been busy with this. Go Darryl!
World Veggie Day sounds terrific. It's too far away for me :o(

Harmonia said...

I read that article the other day! Oh! I ended up buy some Matsui Cards and a few Dave Winfields I didn't have. I should be around a little more today. Thanks for your messages! Happy weekend!

pinknest said...

GROUPIE! yes you!

Tanya Kristine said...

i'd meet you there kleo...,in a heartbeat!!! we could even stay at my house! in sacramento and you can meet my doggies who will love you to no end...

and he does look good...

Melody said...

It is absolutely CRIMINAL that they won't allow the community garden... I know the man wants to make more money, but doesn't he "get" what a good thing this is.. doesn't the city "get" it? Someone needs to buy the man out and let the garden stay.

Rick looks pretty damn good still! *fans myself*

Cara said...

i heard about this a LOT on this one radio station I listen to. Its HORRIBLE what they did. grr.

VeganDoc said...

He is hot for an old guy :)
I keep Jessie's Girl on my MP3 player. It's a great song to run to.