Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wild, Wild Life

Mat and I were on a walk through this animal-filled (mice, coyotes, rabbits, snakes, squirrels, even an occasional big cat, from what I understand, etc.) hiking area near where we live this morning and as I was just absentmindedly thinking about all sorts of things (some might call it daydreaming), I happened to look down. Woah! I stopped in my tracks (as did Mat) when I spotted a wayward turtle meandering across the dirt road we were on. Turtles are not indigenous to that area, to be sure!

I picked the cutie up and took him home. I made some calls and ended up getting in touch with a rep from the local "Turtle and Tortoise Society" who advised me to put him in a box, even though he'd be mad about it (he was!) and take him to her. So I got Mat in the Scion and we took him up the coast to her house. (Her house, mind you, where there over 50 turtles and tortoises scattered about, as they get ready to be adopted out at some point.)

The turtle - a box turtle as I would find out - was a young male, and he was in pretty good shape, all things considered. I am just glad I was at the right place at the right time to get him to safety. Everything happens for a reason!

And yet I wonder: Why do people leave animals, especially domesticated ones, out to fend for themselves in the wild?! Hello, people! There are some things I shall never understand.

After that, I went to Ki's, which has some delectable vegan dishes, and brought lunch to Peter at a coastal-area Petco where he was photographing peeps and/with their pets. I am not a Petco fan. (Grrrrrrr! PetNO!) That store is so difficult for me to go into, for all the obvious reasons, though I was glad to see there was an adoption event of "small dogs" going on by a rescue group.
The group's liaison told me two of her seven found new homes. Yay! There was the cutest elderly cocker there and I so wanted to take her home, but I leave in less than 12 hours for Illinois... Mattie needs a buddy!

I was going to give some A+ at the local Blood Bank, but ran out of time. Anyone else donate blood?

Off to do some work for a spaniel rescue group. So nice to be off from work for a while!!! Gives me time to take care of OTHER things!!!

Hope everyone has a really wonderful weekend (and week ahead)!


VeganDoc said...

Good for you for rescuing the turtle!

I give blood, but I tend to run a little low on the iron, so I don't do it too often. But, when I do give, the Red Cross calls me literally once a week thereafter to suggest that I give again. It's a bit irksome, but I understand, there is a need.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Hey that was a nifty thing you did by rescuing the turtle!!! yayy!!

I gave blood but some years ago.. and I think I can totally give blood.. will checkout info on web about local centers.. thx for reminding!

KaiVegan said...

Wonderful rescue story K! Thanks for sharing. You are very compassionate!

Carrie™ said...

I'm a big believer in the "everything happens for a reason" theory as well. You were obviously meant to save that turtle.
Thanks for your visit. I just popped over to see what's going on with you, but I see it's 1:40am!! Whoa! I'll have to finish reading your adventures tomorrow.
I haven't given blood in a while (I know, bad, bad!) but I do go. And hey, - I'm A+ too!

girl least likely to said...

i'm so glad you and the turtle found each other! thanks for sharing the story. :)

Vicki said...

yeahhh, good for you saving that turtle. we've been trying to capture a hurt racoon that's been hanging around our neighborhood for quite a's a toughie.

kate said...

I'm one of those animal lovers who won't eat them, won't wear them, but runs and screams whenever she happens to see them. Perhaps that's why I don't go outdoors unless there's a shoe sale.

Oh well, I'm glad to see not everyone shares my neurosis.

KleoPatra said...

Thanks for the nice messages everyone!!!