Monday, April 24, 2006

Sweet tooth

if i posted a secret to it would include a photo of these guys:

and the comment "i wish i wasn't addicted."

Earth Day Fair was fantastic! Met some great vegans and some future vegans while hangin' at the Farm Sanctuary table. Had some good tablemates with me passing on the "gospel" of kindness.

Mattie & I had such a happy day in sunny and breezy Balboa Park. Peter ran to the park and hung out for a while, too, which was a nice surprise.

I met some nice peeps from and Farm Sanctuary booth neighbors and nearby (where Peter and Heidi met!). Got some free shwag from and too.

I reconnected with friends and bought a "Friend not Food" piggy shirt from who were next door to a mini version of one of my fave eateries in SoCal: where Peter and i chowed down on some amazing BBQ!

I also heard about this event which evidently was held Saturday in Los Angeles. Seems as though that was also quite the vegtastic scene... maybe i go next year!?

If I hadn't've bought the above marshmallows at the day before, i would've indulged yet again at their booth... Heh. OK, that's not entirely true. Actually, i was gonna buy another bag but they weren't sellin' 'em there!


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

those marshmallows r punk rock good.. yummm..

I wish I could go to these fairs.. someday soon!!

and yea, Animal Acres is a pretty good organization.. I gotta visit it before year end.. I have couple of adopted lambs over there.. havent even seen them yet :-(

KleoPatra said...

kunsjoi, you have adopted lambs! That is wonderful!! i hope to get up there at some point to see what it's all about.

The Earth Day Fair in SD is always packed with peeps... future veg*s, i always hope!

Vicki said...

Sunny & breezy...ahh, Balboa Park a beautiful setting for what sounds like a perfect Earth Day. I want one of those t-shirts - thanks for the links.

KleoPatra said...

vicki, balboa park is such a treasure, as you know... i can't imagine Earth Day anywhere else, tho i know festivals and fairs are held all over the place.

i am wearing the shirt at work tonight... it's orange and long-sleeved with a cartoon pink pig. the APRL store next to SIPZ will have more shirts... you can let me know... (e-mail me!)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Yeah! I dig those mallows, sadly I never made anything with them, but I did roast them over the grill.

KleoPatra said...

Jess, mine never last long enough to do anything but snack on 'em... how did they stack up to yer roastin'?

star firstbaseman said...

hahaha - I'm going to look for that one now.