Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spaw Day

Mattie spent today at the local groomers (Tami's Tender Touch!). Previous cockers who lived with me never got washed 'n' cut by outside peeps, but Mat's gettin' the good treatment i wish i'd given the others... i don't have a digital camera but i'll post some pix of her nice 'n' clean and post-trim soon... This photo is about three years old. I'd only adopted Mat for about three weeks when we took off for a whirlwind two-week trip up the coast into Oregon and into Washington state. This captures a fur-trimmed Matster enjoying a tasty vegetarian snack in front of a "dog bakery" in Seattle... Good times!

THANK YOU to guinnah and kunsjoi for helpin' me figure out how to do links over <---- yonder. i am indebted and very appreciative for the assistance! *HUGS*

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