Saturday, August 26, 2006

Life is a Celebration

There's an old song by Rick Springfield (i know, i know...) called "Life is a Celebration" from his third album, "Wait for Night" (the one before his 1981 breakthrough "Working Class Dog" - which has one of the all-time best rock album covers, by the way...) and it's been running through my head. Why? I'm not sure... The song goes, in part:

"Life is a celebration, and Lord, I’m gonna celebrate.
Don’t you know that life is a celebration,
so come on now and celebrate, celebrate.
Life is a celebration... look it’s a revelation...
so celebrate now, celebrate life, yeah..."

At Patrick's Point, Peter and i made it to both Wedding Rock and Ceremonial Rock. That was cause for celebration indeed.

Below you can see the view looking toward the Pacific Ocean from atop Ceremonial Rock, and then the view looking up toward Ceremonial Rock from a road below it. Not too shabby!

More on Patrick's Point here:
(Worth at least one click... trust me!)

Thank you for indulging another round of Patrick's Point photos and this accompanying post.


Wow, i totally dig this site...
The restaurant listings, at least for my neck o'the woods, are updated.
That's pretty cool...
Plus the site's official title:
Sounds so... i dunno... serious. So official!


Candi said...

Beautiful pictures, once again!! Thanks for including us on this trip of yours! :P Both photos are gorgeous!

I love that vegan site you linked up to. I laughed out loud at their FAQ's:

Q: Why vegan?

A: We don't address that issue here. This site is exclusively about vegan food. We don't care why.

LOL! Awesome!

The Artist said...

Love the words of that song, best wishes, The Artist

Emmy said...

Wow...more gorgeous photos from your vacation...just stunning views...Love it!

Bridget said...

I am bookmarking this so I can visit it when there is 2 ft of snow on the ground here in Syracuse. THANK YOU for posting those photos. Just georgeous.

Geraldine said...

Heh, bring them on!!! I love seeing photos of where my fav. blog buds visit (including you dear Kleo, of course) and aaahhem, canine pics are nice too. How is Mattie??? Sending huggs all around,


Urban Vegan said...

Gorgeous shots. Thanks to you, I am enjoying nature vicariously--these posts remind me that I really need to get out of the concerete jungle and back into nature for some renewal.

Valentina said...

hey your pictures are very nice! and thank you for posting the vegan site! i'm already searching for new vegan restaurants!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Candi. The Why Vegan question in the FAQ had me laughing out loud. It's great! You can post as many pics as you'd like of your journey! We're all living it vicariously through you.