Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cowles 'n' Chops 'n' Cows 'n' Cards

Friday i hiked up Cowles Mountain. At 1,591 feet above sea
level, it's the highest point in the city (not county) of San Diego.
( )

I didn't take Mattie because it's a long ways up there
and it was the early afternoon and far too hot for her.
(She's doing much better w/her "bug" but still not 100 percent.
Thank you all for the wishes. I passed them along! *WOOF*)

The water in the background is Lake Murray, a reservoir,
around which you can run, skate, bike and walk.
You can rent a kayak to paddle around and there is a
huge amount of wildlife, from ducks to snakes, there.

Isn't my sweat just so "ladylike"? There goes my
modeling career - and my reputation. Hahahaha.
It was super hot when i went up... but still... eyew!

Above link gives a cool panoramic look from the top.
The view is truly SO AMAZING on a clear day...
The photo of yours truly was taken about 3/4 of the way up.

I also hike around here, and do take Mattie on occasion:

Playing that funky music (the white boy) with his
great chops on the piano is my vacation partner:

Peter gave an impromptu concert at his parents' house over
the weekend. Heidi and Mattie are right behind him, and
his parents behind them! Mattie of course being deaf was
unable to enjoy the great cacophony of soul and sound, but
Heidi was wagging her tail to the beats... A great "show."


Anyone brave enough to check out San Diego band Cattle Decapitation?
Quote from wiki entry:
"Originally founded in 1996, Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and human consumption of animals as well as the abuse of the environment. All members of the group are vegetarians, as displayed by their consistent usage of animal rights oriented lyrics..."

Go veg*ns!
Death metal veg*ns, hmmmmm...
They got a nice write up in Canada, too, 'eh?:

Off to Patrick's Point and other gorgeous areas in Humboldt County in Northern California starting Tuesday for vacation! Yay!
Will try to post from there if possible :o)

Speaking o'that, a post from Sunday's Post Secret Web site ( ) is so ironic to me as it's a postcard of Patrick's Point, i am a regular blood donor & i love muffins. This is it: (But it's not my secret!! Really!)

Till then... sending along sincere wishes for an absolutely fantastic, productive week to one and all.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic of you on top of the mountain! I bet that was a blast!

Candi said...

Oh, I'm glad Mattie is feeling a bit better!

And look at you climbing mountains! What a great shot! I love the link to the panorama view too. Looks like a great place to hike, although hot! I think that shot SHOULD be your model shot. Perhaps for Vegan Body Builders!

Emmy said...

Wow, that looks like a beautiful area to go hiking at. Glad to hear Mattie is doing better!! I hope you have a safe and wonderful vacation :)

Aimi said...

that scenery looks great! i want to go hiking sometime!

Geraldine said...

You look terrific Karen, the pic. of health!!!

Happy Holidays, G

PS So glad Mattie is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous, sweat and all. Happy and healthy. What an incredible view. I'd probably be willing to brave the heat for such a great view as well. Glad to hear Mattie is doing better.

Have a wonderful vacation. As you know, I'm very jealous you get to go to Northern CA. Take lots of pics so you can share when you get back.

Cindy said...

Another great post. I will definitely check out the video on my husband's computer. We lost my computer speakers when we moved and I have yet to locate them. Love the cartoon. The hike looked like fun. I know we have some great hiking trails just outside of Cambria that would make for a great day hike. BTW, sweat is hot.

Melody said...

What beautiful hikes... I was afraid to click on the link.. I held my eyes shut in case it was some horrific peta video... I'm glad it wasn't.

Sonya said...

You never cease to amaze me!!! What a great climb that must have been! You look absolutely gorgeous.

Have an awesome vacation!!!

Urban Vegan said...

Thanks for the updates. Kleo, I like your "patchwork quilt" reporting style.

That view is amazing. Glad Mattie is doing better Maybe you can post a clip of Peter's playing?

Have fun...

Midwest Vegan said...

I'm glad Mattie's doing better. Awesome view -- makes me miss San Diego.

We get free t-shirts and free restaurant/event coupons when we donate. No muffins (no food at all that I can recall). I would give anyway but the freebies are a nice added bonus!

Dori said...

I love the music man impromtu recital. The hike, I love the great outdoors. My area doesn't have anything tempting to climb or hike. Although my kids have found a few good snow hills in the winter months.

Thank you for the sincere well wishes for this week as well as the sweet comments on my blog/s. You are a veg athlete to me in every way.... 1) as someone to admire and look up to and 2) you run girl!

I though I sauid this already but when I looked at the comments of this post Is don't see it, but I hope that your vacation is sincerely refreshing. I am also glad that you wouldn't run off to wedding rock without telling your blog fan club out here anything.

I was just revisiting Bryanna wedding cake blog entry and saw your comment. Weddings mean great vegan cakes. :) I do hope that you might get to have some good vegan cake at wedding rock at least. It sure looks scrumtious. I know the version I made was sure tastey.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

woooohoooo for kleo... hiking is so much fun..

and yea I'm slowly starting to listen to cattle decapitation.. man this whole genre of death metal is so new to me.. I'm totally into heavy metal.. but this is wayyy different.. anyways the lyrics of these guys are just AWESOME!! I'm gonna get their Humanure tee.. man its aggressive and on the face.. :-D

Cherie Anderson said...

That picture is great - sweat's good for ya! :)

Keep us updated on how you are.

Harmonia said...

Great picture! Congrats on the successful hike!

pinknest said...

that view is amazing. it's ridiculous how you can hardly get a view like that in manhattan unless you pay SOMETHING. lol!

Aimi said...

thanks for the comment!
since i did long distance for track last year, i think i'll stick to that! also, one of my friends is in long distance and she's so funny and she always keeps everyone's spirits up to do thier best! im thinking of participating in the 400 m or 800 m. but who knows, might try sprinting too!

laura jesser said...

Hi Kleo! It looks like you had an amazing hike--who cares about a little sweat? Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, and your beautiful photo makes me impatient to go! Maybe soon.

And I wish you an absolutely beautiful week too!

RennyBA said...

Hi KleoPatra -long time since I've visited - sorry!
You commented my post about Tour de France and now we can say sorry about Landis (my post is opdated of course).
You are a very sporty girl though - what a lovely scenery and a great vacation you have.
We've had a great summer in Scandinavia too *wink* :-)

Shananigans said...

Have an absolutely fabulous time up north! I hope to make it to Humboldt someday. It’s quite famous for its greenery ;) Nice hiking picture, looks like a fabulous view from the top. That sweat ain’t nothing honey, you should see me at the gym, or even yoga class. I freakin’ sweat like a fountain. Hugs and kisses for Mattie xxoo

Melissa West said...

Have a fantastic vacation. Good to hear Mattie is feeling better.

Tanya Kristine said...

wow. that'as a beautiful Pix Kleo...and sweat is good for the soul. a hike that huge, you'd BETTER sweat!

i miss hiking...i need to do a good one..

funny secret. looks like where you went a few weeks ago too...hmm...

Vicki said...

great photo, kleo! glad to hear mattie is feeling better. very cool that peter plays piano & i hope you 2 have an incredible VACATION!!!!!!

Kate said...

Love your blog, very inspired to go climb somthing (the stairs perhaps??) I love the pictures and the caricature.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

hey kleo.. I'm tagging u.. its a very simple tag about quotes.. details r on my blog :-D

The Lone Beader said...

Guys love it when a woman sweats. LOL

Carrie™ said...

Kleo! I love those panoramic photos. So cool. And I'm very glad to hear that Mattie is feeling better.
I hear you may be coming to TO. Awesome! Do you know when?

karen said...

You looks happy and tan and so very healthy. Real women sweat! Enjoy some time for you!

I have that cartoon! I used to keep it on my fridge. I am so glad Mattie is feeling better.

I have heard about Cattle decapitation, my ex listened to heavy music. You should see their cd covers!

Dori said...

Hi! I know you are on vacation. Just thinking positive thought of youand decided to stop by to let you know. Hope you are faving a fabulous time!

Britty said...


Just throught I'd say hi and thanks for the comment! :)

Your blog makes me want to go on a hike now! :o The place you went looks so pretty. I don't think I could do as much as you did though! Lol!

I'm so glad Mattie is better! It's scary for me when pets are sick.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!