Friday, March 16, 2007

Vicki & Art's Great Adventure

... and lucky me, i got to be part of it last Sunday!

The terrific Vicki ( ) and her fabulous husband Art were in San Diego last weekend. Cause for celebration for sure! We made plans to meet in the lush, beautiful and massive Balboa Park ( ) where Peter was showing some of his art. (Amazingly, she found me 'n' Mattie just as she was calling me on my cell phone!) A prolific photographer and multi-talented musician, Peter also makes incredible masks out of palm tree fronds he finds. ("Recycling at its best," as Vicki noted.)

After the initial meeting (or re-meeting, since we'd already met last year!) in which Peter exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you and Vicki look like you could be sisters!" Art, Vicki, Mattie & i meandered about a mile over to the vegan restaurant extraordinaire Kung Food, across the street from part of the huge Balboa Park. I recommended that instead of the buffet being offered inside the restaurant we try the KF Drive-Thru - - where you can get burgers, burritos and so much more. And we ordered by foot, then sat down in a shady spot in the outdoor patio and ate.

Here are "the sisters" and trouper Mattie at Kung Food:

At my request, Vicki & Art strike a pose on this sunny day, in front of a sign advertising Kung Food, just a few feet away from the restaurant:

Vicki enjoyed her "Bacon Cheeseburger" & i had the same
burger (and same exact reaction). It was really tasty!

Art had the "Bacon Western Cheeseburger" and said
it was made just like a similar fast-food one, even with
a big ol' onion ring on it! He was impressed. YUM!

Back we walked to Peter's table of art and i thought that
i would surprise Vicki and buy her this one mask she liked
best (and it was my fave as well - so bold & colourful!).

Vicki & Art kindly bought another mask, too. Here they are
with the artist in front of Starlight Bowl in Balboa Park.

Peter's parents also were there and they snagged two of his masks. See 'em all here, if you want:

Here's his mother, Irene, posing with both of her purchases.

It was a great day!
Thank you, Vicki & Art for spending time in San Diego with me & Mattie!


Anonymous said...

How cool that you got to actually meet a fellow blogger. Peter's masks are amazing.

Did I mention how jealous I am that you have amazing places like Kung Food? Why did I ever leave San Diego (whine).

madeinalaska said...

What a beautiful day it looked like ya all had!
I enjoyed hopping over to peters blog and looking at all his very cool masks!
Yes I agree w/ ms. midwest vegan I am so jealous of your vegan fast food! (we have a subway but- we rarely go there)

Sonya said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! Your dinner looks absolutely scrumptious!!! What a great way to celebrate your birthday.:-) And those masks are very neat - I'll be sure to check them out.

chase said...

Wow that is so nice meeting a fellow blogger. And it looks like you guys had fun!

theONLYtania said...

Oh man, that's so neat that you guys got to meet! I hope I travel one day so I can meet somebody I know from the blogs, hehe! Maybe this summer I will nag the boy for a road trip.

Anonymous said...

You and Vicki are so cute! I agree with Peter. You definitely could be sisters. Those masks are really creative. I am heading over to his website now. Thanks for posting the link.

meesh said...

What a beautiful day! Peter's masks are really something special too. :)
And...vegan fast food? Now, I HAVE to get my butt up to San Diego one of these days!

Melody said...

What a fun outing! It's so grat that you and Vicki get to hang out.. and eat delicious vegan food!

I loved your Native Foods post... although it's a bummer that the portion was small for Peter... It is not expensive to make delicious vegan food!
I love the masks.. and P's mom is too cute.

Candi said...

What a beautiful post linking to the masks and also seeing you two sisters together!!!!!! Lol!!! How cute!

I love Peter's work; he is so creative! You and Vicki are adorable. I agree that you look like sisters!! I'm glad you had fun and that Mattie got to join in too!!

I wish I lived closer!! :(

bazu said...

Wow what a fabulous day! So cool that you and Vicki (and Peter and Art) got to hang out- the food sounds seriously drool-worthy. I love Peter's masks! They are so bold and bright (a reflection of the sunlight and colors of southern california...?)
My favorite picture is of you and Vicki and Mattie- you guys look cute, and she looks so wise and stoic. Awwwwww.

funwithyourfood said...

aww looks like you had a great mini vacation at home :)


The Artist said...

What a wonderful idea to present masks made from such great recycled materials in a public space. They look really special masks. Most inspired by the concept.

Food sounds wonderful too. You discover such exciting places to eat vegan food. Good to hear the word is spreading and a great restaurant like the one where you ate is certainly a top way to spread the vegan message,

best wishes, The Artist.

Emmy said...

That's so cool you got to meet up with Vicki and Art again. What a great pick of you and do look like sisters....beautiful vegan sisters that is :) The food sounds great and those masks Peter makes are so cool. How creative!!!!! What a cute picture of Peter's mom too.

Tanya Kristine said...

how fun. you two DO look like siters! and you act like it too!

i'm glad you had fun...balboa park is just so pretty. so much to do...lucky.

Urban Vegan said...

What a wonderful reunion! I'm jealous...I wish I could meet you.

Good food. Colorful art. Warm sunshine. Furry friends and not-sofurry loved ones. What could be better?

Vicki said...

Hi Sis! It feels like I'm reliving that awesome day all over again! We had so much fun hanging out with you, and thanks for introducing us to Kung Food. It was all perfect, and we love our masks too. Peter is so creative and talented - he paints a face on nature's palette. Can't wait until next time. :o)


vko said...

What a fun day, especially meeting up with a fellow vegan blogger!

I love that Peter makes the masks from natural sustainable fronds- they are really cool. His mother is too sweet!

And Kung Food looks right up my alley- 'cheese burgers' and such- yum!

You, Vicki & Mattie are super cute.

tara said...

I am so ready to move back to California. Except I do like seasons.

What wonderful pictures. Looks like you guys had so much fun. The masks are amazing. Someday I need to make my way back out there and visit. :)

Anonymous said...

You are both beautiful and look like you had a good time together !

The masks are so great !

And Kung Food! Oh my !

scottishvegan said...

That sounds like a great day. I’ve been to Balboa Park and it’s beautiful, but I wish I’d known about Kung Food when I was there…sounds good!

Anonymous said...

looks like all of you have a super good day, im so happy for you

I agree with madeinalaska and midwest vegan I am so jealous of your vegan fast food! :)

LisaJean119 said...

Hey, I finally updated my blog and added you too! Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I am catching up on your blog now:)...

Dan said...

Vegans rock! I'll bet that food was awesome. My mouth is watering already.

Geraldine said...

What a great post (as usual) K, glad I stopped by. Im back (sorta) at stop by when you can.


Rene said...

Aw Kung Food! One of my favorite places! I heard they were closing though (I hope it's just a rumor) :( I'm super upset!

Veg-a-Nut said...

We live in San Diego County, Santee to be exact. I have to go try this place. I have neve been to a vegan restaurant. I always just wing it at what ever restaurant is close. I showed DH and I think we may have to take a drive this week. Thanks for the great tip!. Do you live in this area too?