Sunday, March 11, 2007

One if Island, Two if by Sea

Oh, hello.
I'll be your tour guide for the day.

Peter took me to Newport Beach and Catalina island last weekend for my birthday. We work opposite schedules and haven't seen a lot of each other so it was very nice to get away for some time alone together.

I must say it was a blast of a trip!!! But honestly, i was missing Mattie a lot and Peter was missing Heidi. We met and pet so many cats and dogs on this trip; we were reminded of our little buddies constantly.

The top photo and the one below these words were taken en route across the beautiful Pacific Ocean from Balboa Island/Newport Beach to Catalina on the Catalina Flyer, sans Gilligan & The Skipper, thankfully. Sing it with me: "A one-hour tour, a one-hour tour."

We saw a pod of dolphins swimming on the way! That was SO COOL. It was incredibly windy going across the water as fast as we did. Like ohmygosh windy! But we stayed on the top deck and "sucked it up."

Here's a better idea of how windy it was!

We stayed at this cute hotel, Casa Mariquita.
It had incredible, sweeping views of the ocean and the island!

Hee hee. Surprised me with this balloon, he did.

There's a VONS grocery on the island and we had
lunch outside. You can see what i ate (not the
yogurt or the salmon, you can bet). Not bad!

I loved the little doggie poop bag holders:
They were everywhere!

In the background of the photos above & below is the famous "Casino," which, contrary to its name, has nary a thing to do with gambling. It's a huge building that has a very rich (literally and figuratively!) and complex background... now the folks who run the Casino show movies and plays, have a gym complete with spin classes, and rent it out for jazz festivals and fund-raisers and such.

A beautiful cat i came upon not long after we arrived.
Peter went to take a nap and i wandered the streets.
This guy was hanging out in some trees and came out
to say hello and get a scritchy scritchy scratch from me.

We went for a walk up into the hills where "the rich folk" live
and a nice couple took our photo, and we took one of each other.
What a view! It was stunning, truly. A few peeps inquired about
my shirt, which is from APRL, and it reads "Friend Not Food."

On our walk back down to town, where the tourist traps,
i mean attractions, are, and back to our hotel, we ran into
a makeshift pet cemetary. It went on and on for quite a bit.
We walked around, quietly... It was both touching & beautiful.

Anyway, that was part of last weekend. The other part
was Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, where we stayed
on the beach, roller bladed and ate at my fave restaurant,
Native Foods. I'll post about that swoon, i mean soon.
And as i must end this post today, this sunshiney Sunday afternoon i had the complete and absolute honour of spending some quality time with Vicki - - and her husband, Art, who were here in San Diego. I <3 them. We had burgers at Kung Food! (And i hear they went to SIPZ tonight when i was workin'. Luckies!!!) Stay tooned.


aTxVegn said...

What a wonderful birthday trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look mahvalous!

I always had a gray kitty growing up - they looked just like the one in your picture. And I adore dolphins. My one wish is to swim with them before I die.

Dinner at Native Foods and dinner with Vicki and Art - wow! I'm glad you had a super birthday.

Opal said...

Wow what a fabulous bday and what a thoughtful man you have in your life. Which is how it should be. :-) We all need someone that truly cares about us.

You know even when you are in your 90's I'm sure I'll still view you as beautiful and "ageless" because you are out there doing what many people aren't even thinking of doing or only dreaming of doing. I love that spirit! I give mad props to those who live life to it's fullest. :-) It's something I try to do each day. You're definitely one of my role models.

Wow seeing dolphins I would be in heaven. I never seen a dolphin outside of an aquarium.

One of these days I'll eat at Native Foods. I have the cookbook! Tanya Petrovna! I love her. What a cool lady!

laura jesser said...

What a magnificent getaway! It truly sounds like an amazing time... I'm glad you got to have a super cool birthday celebration--you deserve it!

chase said...

Just wow and wow! Lovely pictures and a lovely vacay! Happy Birthday to you btw and wishing you more blessings and good health!

Anonymous said...

beautiful phots!!!
Happy birthday!

Emmy said...

What a lovely way to spend your birthday weekend. Oh my gosh, you saw dolphins..that's so neat. And wowza, you weren't kidding when you said it was windy on the boat. (did it remind you of the Windy City? LOL)

What gorgeous pics from your trip. The view from the hotel is wonderful. What a beautiful sight. And that cat you saw on your walk is so cute. I love the shirt you are wearing too!!! That's great you to got to go out to eat with Vicki and her hubby :)

Hope you have a wonderful week :)

Melody said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful way to spend your birthday weekend! It's great that you and Vicki got to hang out again..

That pic of the kitty is beautiful.. animals obviously know that you are their friend.. :-)

Tanya Kristine said... about embracing life and living it up!!! i would LOVE to visit that island. how lucky.

we had a pod of dolphins too when we went to the catalina islands...i almost cried it was just too cool.

you didn't say what the person said who asked you about your shirt. is your man an omni?

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Kleo! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday trip -- but my favorite photo is of you when your hair is going CRAAAAZY! I used to have super-long hair, and understand. :) (But it's still kind of fun, right?)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

You guys are adorable! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a great trip. Look at your hair!! That kitty is verrry cute, it looks just like a cat that lives in my unit block and comes over to visit sometimes.

Happy birthday, too!

heebnvegan said...

thanks for leaving the comments on heebnvegan :-)

yes, Hain Superfruit is def vegan! it's actually made in my hometown of Melville, N.Y., too. or at least the company is based there.

I'm not ready for Pesach! I'm not ready to think about it! there'll be a big guest blog post about vegan Passover foods in the comming weeks, but otherwise, not too much planning yet. you?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great birthday! Thanks for sharing your pics -- loved the one of your hair blowing in the wind.

Sonya said...

Kleo - you are absolutely gorgeous! Your photos were absolutely breathtaking.

You look happy, healthy, and fabulous - glad you had a great birthday.

pinknest said...

happy birthday!!!! that all looks so wonderfully gorgeous. and windy. lol! i love the windy hair look.

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, sunny Birthday!
I do LOVE Catalina Island, haven't been there in a few years, but what fun...

So cool that you had a great birthday!

Peter Matthes said...

I love those Garden Herb Triscuits.

They are great with baba ganoush.


Carrie™ said...

Wow! Wouldn't I love to do that on my birthday. Holy doodle Kleo, what a fantastic weekend! That place looks AMAZING! We're hovering just around freezing. Yesterday it was a balmy +3 (maybe around 38-40F) and a sunny paradise would be very welcome right about now. I can see Peter is treating you right. When we come visit you, I think I want to go to Catalina too. :o)
Dolphins! How cool is that? I would love to swim with them. That would be an experience. The pet cemetary was sort of sad, but sort of happy, knowing that people cared enough for their pets to mark a grave for them. There is a pet cemetary near here but it's full. I would like to see them start another one.
All in all, what a great post. (And the previous one with your nephew) Such a beautiful place you live in. Thank you for sharing.

meesh said...

Hi Kleo,

Looks like you had a great trip! Happy Birthday, byt he way. :)

I've been to Catalina a couple of times and just loved it. It's so beautiful out there! I haven't been in years, though. I remember that we took the slow boat once and my little brother and I arrived rather "green around the gills". It was much more fun once we got off the boat.

Can't wait to hear about your meeting up with Vicki and going to Native Foods. I bet you guys had a great time.

Talk to you soon!

Urban Vegan said...

Happy Bday!

What a wonderful trip . It looks gorgeous there and so relaxing. You certainly deserved such a fabulous getaway.

And I'll bet Mattie & Hedia are glad you're back now.

bazu said...

Happy birthday again! What a wonderful way to spend it, and thank you so much for taking us along! I love all the shots of scenery, but my absolute favorite is the one of the wind whipping up your hair- so cool! You have an extra sweet sweetie, that is for sure. =)

scottishvegan said...

Happy Birthday! That looks like such a wonderful weekend! I’ve never been to Catalina, but have been to Newport Beach for the day and it was lovely!

Candi said...

Kleo! *hug* I hope you had a great sure looks like you did! Peter is so good to you and you two are adorable together!

I love all the photos and the scenery. You are gorgeous! Your shirt is the best!!!! I'm glad it got attention. :P

Oh, the pet cemetary! Makes me sad!

Sorry I fell off-line for ages! I am back and will email you soon. *hug*

Dori said...

I'm a little late on this birthday wish, but the thought is great big! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLEO! I love the pictures of you and peter at the beach, at the restaurant, and on the pier. You both look so happy so I must conclude that you had a grand day.

I was surpisied to see all the food on your blog and before I started reading I thought.... oh no, kleo has went kitchen on me. Then I read about your restaurant food and saw that no, I haven't missed that metamorphosis in you. :) I can see you both were hungry in deed, the pictures made me that way just looking at all that grand food.

So finally, again
Happy (belated) Birthday friend!

Anonymous said...

Catalina's so beautiful. You know, I'm ashamed to say I lived so close for so long and I never went during my adult life. I might want to go back as a tourist the next time I'm in town. Peter is the best pal a girl could ask for. That's one heck of a birthday treat!!