Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Natives are NOT restless

Costa Mesa's NATIVE FOODS... Do check it out!!

VEGAN. ALL vegan! And SO good. Peter's taken me
three years straight for my b'day... He's such a good pal.

Part of the inside of this remarkable restaurant:

Hey! I've got one of those NF cookbooks. Ummm...
no, i haven't used it just yet... ummm... i should !!!

Our pigtastic napkin-holder and a romantic little candle:

Peter ordered the moist and "meaty" California French Dip:
"Thinly sliced roast seitan, caramelized onions, avocado
on an organic French roll with au jus to dip."

He was a little disappointed in the size. And it was
kind of small. :o( We'd worked up a good appetite earlier
in the day, inline skating in Newport Beach.

Here's my insane meal, Philly Peppersteak Sandwich:
"Sliced and seared peppered seitan, sauteed mushrooms,
onions, bell pepper and Native Cheese on an organic French roll."

I shared it w/Peter as there was quite a bit of it!
(I had planned on ordering the "Meat Lover's Pizza,"
but it seems they no longer offer that tantalizing treat...)
We were both still hungry so we got this beauty:
Portobello & Sausage Burger, "Big grilled beauties
with seitan sausage, pommodoro, caramelized onions,
pesto and sweet roasted garlic clove garnish."

Blurry, because i can't seem to grasp the close-up digital thing.
And since it was (almost!) my b'day, the NF folks said
i could have my choice of any dessert "on the house."
(Thank you, Native Foods! Very nice touch there!)
Hmmmm... so many desserts, so little time...

But of course, i had the "Elephant Chocolate Cake," a
sweet dream with cinnamon peanut butter frosting.
Delightful, dense, divine!

Oooh, spooky! There's a fire pit area near
the restaurant and as there was a chill in
the air, we sat out and enjoyed it for a bit.

That's it, Native Foods still rocks my world!


vko said...

Happy Birthday!

What a lucky girl to be taken to a lovely restaurant! Everything looks great at Native Food- please let us know when you do get around to peeking through their cookbook.

What are the pups doing for you birthday? I'm sure there will be lots of birthday love from them.

Dan said...

Where is this Heaven on earth? Is it in the northern hemisphere?? I need to go. I need to go!

Hey! Look at all these awesome photos of you on your site! It confirms my suspicious that all vegans are vivacious and beautiful (like you and me, of course). :)

And Happy Birthday!

tara said...

What a great place! I am so envious of all you people who have great vegan eating nearby. I'm ready to move back to California.

Happy belated Birthday, by the way! :)

Emmy said...

I'm so jealous you got to eat at Native Foods. I'd love to go there sometime if I ever make it to California. That's so sweet Peter has taken you there three years in a row :) The food looks fantastic. Rob would love all the sandwiches they offer. He's a big sandwich fan while I tend to eat all my sandwich ingredients separately. LOL

Wow, I'm drooling over that dessert case. Your birthday, that sounds incredible. I'm so glad you had an awesome trip with delicious food :)

BTW, Rob says thanks for the comment on his blog. The Chicago parking situation is going to take some getting use to!!!

Vicki said...

Hello Kleo!

These are georgous photos of you! I love the one by the NF's firepit & windy boat hair! What an amazing birthday celebration you had - LOVE Catalina Island and looks like you & Peter had a fabulous time. I've eaten the French dip @ Native Foods and enjoyed it so much. What fun.

Hey, it was super wonderful to see you! We thoroughly enjoyed your company and Kung Food - thanks to you & Mattie for taking us around Balboa Park. It was great to meet Peter -- he's such a talented & clever artist.


Jackie said...

Haapy Birthday. Glad to see you had a wonderful time.

Very jealous of your wonderful restaurants.

I got a little depressed last week turning 62...problem is I am sort of stuck in a time warp at about 25 until I look in the mirror :)

Love all the great photos you have posted.

scottishvegan said...

I have checked out the web site for Native Foods a few times, but have never been. I hope to go one of these days. It sounds so yummy! The fire pit looks so lovely and cosy :)

Cherie said...

What a fun night. I have to say, I think you captured great food pictures, considering the dim lighting. I have trouble getting pics at restaurants. Happy birthday!

aTxVegn said...

That looks like it was a blast. I really want to get a NF cookbook.

Urban Vegan said...

Oh Kleo--what a magnificent birthday dinner. This Philly girl is loving the Philly steak sandwich...snd Peter's looks mighty tasty, too.

And the dessert? Be still my Piscean heart. Happy b'day, buddy!

Peter is such a a sweetie to take your there 3 years in a row.

I've heard so many wonderful things about Native Foods--remember Ferocious Cat Killer? He used to eat there all the time and I can see why (Whatever happened to him?!)

bazu said...

Oh Kleo, you are tugging at my heartstrings. (Cue sappy music) Back when I lived in the good ol' OC, I went to Native Foods many a time. My favorite thing was that on their faux chicken wings, they had little labels that said "by eating these you are saving 6 chickens" and things like that- I really like that. And their sandwiches. And their condiment bar.

pinknest said...

oh that fire pit looks so fun!

Veg*Triathlete said...

What a lovely day! Inline skating...yummy dinner and complimentary dessert... and really wonderful company! I second Dan's "vivacious and beautiful" comment :-) You look great -- happy and healthy and having FUN!

Peter Matthes said...

There is nothing better than a Key Lime Parfait and a fire pit.

Well ... maybe one or two things.

The Artist said...

What a wonderful concept, Native Food. You certainly have some inspired restaurants and exciting food.

That dessert sounded so creative and yummy, just what you deserved on your birthday.

The whole dessert selection looked just so scrumptious.

A very special birthday greeting from Australia's Gold Coast,

amygeekgrl said...

happy birthday!!
looks like a great restaurant and a great time. any place that gives you a free birthday dessert is ok by me. ;)

Kate said...

Native Food looks like an amazing place.

meesh said...

This is why I'm afraid to ever move away from California! We seem to have some of the best veggie and vegan restaurants. :)

It looks like you guys had a great time at Native Foods. I'm so glad you got to go out and do something special for your birthday!

laura jesser said...

Oh, I have checked out Native Foods before... from a cross-country distance! You are so fortunate to have gone there--and happy birthday!

Tiffaney said...

Jealous just doesn't seem to capture it! Wow!

Theresa said...

A restaurant with a fire pit--how cool! It looks like you were thoroughly spoiled. Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

looks so good! you are really having fun!!!

Randi said...

I'm not vegan, but I always loved native foods. I used to go to the one in Westwood. I love that cake too, anything with PB frosting has to be great.

textual bulldog said...

great post! i love that you even got a picture of the napkin holder. i love the philly steak sandwich and order it all the time. i am so spoiled living so close to this place ;)