Thursday, March 01, 2007

The urban Matster for Meatout 2007!

"Mommy! Feed me!"
Who could deny that cute face?
Mat's in Peter's kitchen here hopin' for a handout.
(Of course i gave her a little something!)

Hey! Just a couple more weeks until "The Great American Meatout" 2007!!

A Web site with info on that - and much more:

Is anyone thinking about going to this?

(Animal Rights 2007 National Conference)

Last year's looks like it was fantastic!


From i bring you:




We have a neat little "urban tree" (hi U.V. !!) area around one of our beautiful bays in the city of San Diego, right next to downtown. Peter, Heidi, Mattie & i were there last week, walkin' around. Below are some of the trees we stopped to look at.

There's a Web site that shows all of them... and they seem to change 'em every so often, which was nooz to me. Do take a peek if you have a few minutes.

(The bottom photo shows the water where these funky trees are located.)

Hope the month of March is good to everybody! Have a grand rest of your week & weekend, everyone, with thoughts of good health, peace, love + yes, sunshine from San Diego to you, wherever you are! Take care!!


celine said...

hi! it's Celine from, and I wanted to thank you for your kind comment!!
unfortunately, I don't have access to my blog anymore, so no updates on there at this point.
anyway, the eyes on the pup are to die for!!! :D:D
I'm loving your blog too, I'll definitely be back for more.

The Artist said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and lots of sunshine from Australia's Gold Coast where at present we have a lot to share around, best wishes, The Artist

Cherie said...

Nice pictures! I love the artwork. And the mouth pic is great; I'm going to check out that site now. Good to see you posting again!

Urban Vegan said...

Cool urban trees! We don't have any--real or man-made--on my block :(

Mattie is so cute--how could you deny that face?

San Diego seems like the perfect place to live--I've heard this from so many people.

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

I soooo need to move to sunny CA! XO to ya gal! You Jewlicious lady you!

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

qWhat no sculpture of a tree?
I like the pictures but why not living tree sculpture??

Anonymous said...

hi -
thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
wish i was in california now...toronto had a snowstorm last night, and part of town, incl. the restaurant don't have power today...

Sonya said...

Those are neat trees! San Diego looks so beautiful, but I would really miss the snow. After having spent so much time on the east coast, I think I'm bound to it.;-) California is gorgeous to visit, though.

Mattie's eyes make my heart melt. Sigh.

Lovely thoughts to you for the weekend, K!

meesh said...

Thos are really interesting and beautiful sculptures! Thanx for sharing. It kind of reminds me of the cow sculptures that showed up in NYC a few years ago. Some of them were really cute.

The Animal Rights conference seems to be happening over a weekend in July, yes? I might have to look into going to that. I wonder if I could get a press pass as part of my school newspaper or as a blogger. Hmmmm...

Have a wonderful weekend adn enjoy that San Diego sunshine! :)

scottishvegan said...

I love the urban trees...that looks like a nice place to wander around. And the doggy pic is adorable!

Brooke said...

I love those nifty "trees"! I *heart* San Diego.

Vicki said...

ahh, that last photo pulls at my heart strings! Those urban trees are really awesome -- I love public displays like that. Your Mattie is certainly undeniable. :o)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

great post!
Your pup is so, so so adorable, kleo.

LisaJean119 said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I haven't been on blogger for awhile..I have been busy and now reaaaalllly sick:(...

But anyway, would it be okay if I add the link to your blog on my page?

Catherine said...

Those trees are incredible -- I love public art projects like that. (We have all sorts of Peanuts characters around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, since Charles Schultz was from Saint Paul.)

Both puppies are very, very good at looking cute and a little bit pathetic. :) (I can hear Heidi moaning, "take me with you!")

If you could send some of that sunshine my way . . . ! If only!

bazu said...

Yes, I want some of your sunshine too! I was just talking to my friend who lives in San Diego and she complained about "too much warmth." Grrr!

My mother has agreed to go meatless for March! Yayyyy!

Emmy said...

Each Mattie picture just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!! Those urban trees are so cool. Really enjoyed looking at your pics of them and the ones on the web site. Hard to pick a favorite. Do you have one? And the last shot of the water is just gorgeous...I am envious of the lovely weather you are enjoying :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and I have to say it even though I'm a day or two early...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *HUGS*

vko said...

The urban trees are cool. And the San Diego warmth and sunshine, a dream-

The pictures are great and Mattie is a cute little beggar- I have one of those too. My kitty comes running with the sound of the refrigerator opening.

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Wow. Did I just overlook your blog in all my vegan blog-wandering across the 'net?

It's great - I'll definitely be back!!

(And what an ADORABLE pup! So cute!!)

Candi said...

I love all the art photos!! Must have been fun to walk through that kind of display. I am envious of the beautiful weather you've got!!

I stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for being such a good friend to me (and well, to everyone!!) You have made having my blog worthwhile since it allowed me to meet you. I hope you have a great birthday, Kleo!!! *hug*

Shananigans said...

Wow, nice pictures. You got me jonesin' for some sunshine too.

Happy Birthday! Send some Native Foods my way if you can.

Melody said...

I hear it's your birthday!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday! May this year bring you peace, health and happiness..

Jennifer C. said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's great!

Vicki said...


We are headed your way tomorrow! We might be in SD over the weekend - hopefully we can meet for a little SipZ, Kung Food, or whatever. I'll give you a buzz when we figure out the plan.

Hope you & Peter had a fantabulous time celebrating your bd - looking forward to hearing about your Native experience. :o)


Eric said...

I'll be at AR2007. Presenting, in fact. Looking forward to an informative, fun-filled weekend. If you're going, let me know through my Bloglines linkie.

BTW, I noticed I'm not on your blogroll. What?!

VeganDoc said...

Welcome back to blogging!!!! I can't wait for Meatout either. Great idea for whoever came up with it.

Anonymous said...

Love the urban trees -- how cool!

I always forget how much I miss San Diego until I see photos on your blog. Well, at least I still get to "visit" there through you.

chase said...

Awww that is sooo cute and I cant resist to feed that dog as well. Now I am just envious since I wanted one so badly!

Dan said...

Every day is meat-out for me ... being a vegan. But it still amazes me how many folks can't give up meat even in a single meal! My friends think I'm killing myself by not eating dead animals. Yikes.

cindy said...

I am so happy to see you back and blogging. I missed seeing you around. I recently started back to work out of the house full-time and haven't been blogging (or cooking) as much as I would like to. Once I re-adjust I'm sure I will be doing some more regular posting. I am just so happy to see you at the blog. I check at least once a week just to see if you are back.

Jackie said...

I would love to go to Meatout 2007 but being overseas have no chance at all :(

Great pictures as usual and thanks for all the links.