Monday, May 22, 2006

i got mine, now it's your turn!

A slew of Turtle Mountain coupons arrived in today's mail.
If you're interested:

Also for Tofutti fans (of which i am one):


If you are at all interested in (possibly!) gaining insight into how your friends and family members see you, in comparison/contrast to how you see yourself, The Johari Window is one way to check that out.


Harmonia said...

Great links and promotion of your fave products! Cool! I receive some from a box of tofutti cuties that only had 7 bars in it (vs the 8 it was uspposed to have). I love that company!!! I have a few mini posts today.


Vicki said...

summer is here...and all those yummy summer treats! i love tofutti, but i need to try some turtle treats. interesting personality link.

KaiVegan said...

I got my Turtle Mountain coupons a few weeks ago, and I've used up what I can already. I have to pass on the Tofutti though.
Thanks for sharing!

Shananigans said...

I've hear a lot of good things about the Tofutti. I've considered picking some up at TJ's before but I don't think I need any more sweet stuff to be addicted to ;o)

primaryconsumer said...

Thanks for the links to the coupons, I filled out both of them. :)

funwithyourfood said...

Tofutti coupons! You're awesome :)

thank you


KleoPatra said...

I'm almost always up for sweets and savings - and I like to share... glad this blog can serve a "higher" (or "lower" as in prices) purpose of sorts!

Vicki, that personality link is actually kind of interesting, if one can convince others to respond. I did it a couple of months ago and got some surprising answers from friends and family members!

karen said...

I love soy delicious and tofutti cuties- YUM!

Anonymous said...

purely decadent just rawks!!!
~mc seitan

Carrie™ said...

*sigh* Only available in the USA.