Thursday, May 25, 2006

For East Coasters, Sexy Veg*ns & Bird Brains

In my e-mail today, from In Defense of Animals:

Win FREE TIX to the Humane Leadership Academy

IDA Offers 10 Free Tickets to New York City Activist's Forum

This summer, IDA is co-sponsoring the Humane Leadership Academy, a one-day forum in New York City featuring speakers, presentations, discussions and interactive workshops with many of today's most accomplished and respected animal protection leaders.

As an incentive for activists to attend the Academy, IDA is giving away 10 free tickets valued at $25 apiece. These not only include admission to the forum and all activities but also a delicious vegan lunch.

The Humane Leadership Academy will be held from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday, July 9 at the SLC Conference Center in New York City (visit for directions and a map).

Click link below for more information about the Humane Leadership Academy:

For your chance to win one or two free tickets, send an e-mail to

(To purchase tickets, click or call (866) 468-7619.)

From the blog of Born Veggie...'s gallery of "sexy vegetarians"
(What?! No "Weird Al" Yankovic? Oy, am i ever so disappointed):,,50001-1222509-1,00.html

i adore "Weird Al," the brilliant vegan:


When I was a kid growing up in Illinois, there were sweet doves that nested outside my family's house, right above my bedroom window. I loved those guys! We also had bats in the summer in the ivy on our back wall to the house. Totally captivating.

Here in SoCal, I live in a teeeny tiny condo but I get to hear an array of birds every morning - and I thank G-d for that.

Being as though I don't have a proper place to offer nibbles or water to the flying singers and soaring tweeters, I make sure to keep the bird feeder and bird bath filled at my folks' house. My dad likes to keep sweet drink out for the hummingbirds as well. There are all sorts of 'em that come by and visit and when I am there I definitely take time to check 'em out. Yeah, they leave their "mark(s)," but it's a small price to pay for all the joy they bring.

Here are 12 birds' songs, very nice:


KaiVegan said...

I look forward to bird songs every morning.

Aliyah could listen to the radio & classical music all day long, but I often ask her to turn it off so we could hear the quiet and the birds- which she also loves.

funwithyourfood said...

WeirdAl is vegan? That is awesome!!
My boyfriend saw that and loved it. Apparently when he was a kid weirdal was his hero b/c he played the accordion.. haha

have a great FRIDAY!!


Carrie™ said...

That link for the bird song is wonderful! My dad lives on 4 acres outside of the city and has left most of the property forested, so there are birds galore! He set up an assortment of bird feeders and likes to watch from the window with his trusty little bird book. He has seen some very unusual birds. I always find their twittering so calming.

Tanya Kristine said...

i love birds too. i feed my birds on the roof and my squirrels at teh base of the tree.

funny pix of WA

and i'd go to New York for ANYTHING!

Harmonia said...

Hello from a fellow Weird AL fan! Have you ever seen him with short hair?

He cleans up very nice.

Last year I felt so sad for him when I heard his mom and dad died from carbonmonoixide posioning.

So sad.

karen said...

I used to have a birdfeeder outside my bedroom window at my parent's house when I was younger. I think I want to start doing this again...

Vicki said...

he's supposed to be a very cool dude -- sexy? no.

KleoPatra said...

Kai ~ Me too on the birds in the a.m. It's like G-d's way of saying, "Here's some music from me to you!" Aliyah is a lucky little lady to have you as her mom...

Teddy ~ Yes, Weird Al is vegan. He is a pretty cool dude... and ya gotta love a guy who's cool - and weird - enough to play the accordion! Thanks for the kind wishes. So far Friday's been busy for me. I'm still at work!!

Carrie ~ I'm so glad you like the bird songs link. So cool, I thought. I'm glad to have speakers to hear them tweet (and ears to hear them). That is so neat about your dad!! I love what he has done for the birdies! Hope you are feeling better, too.

TK ~ Yer so much like me!! :o) Nice that you "give to both." Some peeps I know are afraid of squirrels, which is just ridiculous to me. My mom's dad used to feed squirrels hand to mouth. I remember that so well and I love that he did that. Weird Al is adorable, I think! And I wish I could go to NY for that event... I would love to go to NY for any event, too, just like you!!

Harmonia ~ I left you a long note about Weird Al on your blog. I am a *big time* fan of that guy and I agree he is ADORABLE... he cleans up VERY nicely. I was profoundly affected when his parents were so tragically killed not far from where I live.

Karen ~ Go for it! Let me know how it goes if you start feeding the sweet flying furry friends of ours.

Vicki ~ We're gonna have to disagree here. I think Weird Al is not only a very cool dude, but I also find him quite sexy. (I've seen him in concert and up close and personal and he's quite attractive to my eyes. Of course I'm practically blind w/out my contact lenses or glasses, but that's another whole story!)

Thanks for the great comments, everyone...

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